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My name is Kgomotso and I am a black, loc'd mother of two boys. I come from a village in South Africa called Majaneng where every morning and afternoon the cows and goats go past, fighting for the road with cars and taxis as they honk and hoot for them to get out of the way (the goats always run, the cows never do) . Setswana is my first language and I love that I grew up in my village being accustomed to being surrounded by many different languages as a result - my oldest childhood friends come from Sepedi and Zulu speaking households; our neighbours are Ndebele, Tsonga and Sepedi. I love reading and just generally spending time with my loved ones. 
WWhat's your favourite place in South Africa?
KR: Apart from the village where I am from, Johannesburg is my favourite place. I love the edge it has, the colour, the vibe and just generally the atmosphere. Johannesburg has a lot of history and is home to some of the most important social revolutions that has brought the country to where it is today. 
WWhat's your favourite South African bite/drink ?
KR: I have many but my ultimate is a peppermint crisp tart. It's the one dish I always use to impress British neighbours and friends about our wonderful food. A very close second is a South African braai accompanied by pap, chakalaka and of course boerewors. My mouth is watering just responding to this... 
WWhat do you enjoy most about travelling?
KR: I love learning about different cultures, languages and histories of places I visit. I especially love eating foods of the places I visit. I also love coming back with stories of people we have met or experiences we had on holiday.  You didn't ask but what I don't enjoy about travelling is the process of travelling. It's strange but I am a nervous traveller and going to the airport, going past security and all that always fills me with so much anxiety.  I am ready for teleporting to be the way we all travel in the very near future!  
WWhat was the last crazy adventure you went on?
KR: In the summer of 2020 when Covid gave us a slight reprieve my family and I went on a road trip to France. We are professional road trippers you see... So we packed our car, drove to Dover and took the EuroTunnel to Calais and then headed north to explore the Northern France regions of Brittany and Normandy. In addition to singing out loud to our road trip playlists and driving on the 'wrong' side of the road, we loved eating all the crepes, we drank all the wine and cidre and visited the absolutely gorgeous Mont St Michel. We also spent one night in a tree house and learned how to play golf. 
WWhat’s your favourite time of year and why?
KR: Summer. Always summer. I am brighter and happier in the sun and I love being outdoors. Although I have lived in London a long time now, I still find the winters harsh, long and a little depressing. 
DDo you have any secret talents?
KR: I recently discovered that I have hypermobility in my hands so my secret talent is that my thumb can touch my wrist.    
IIf animals could talk, which animal would you most like to have a conversation with?
KR: A lion on how to be a good leader/king (of the jungle), how they develop and execute strategy (from hunting) and importantly to get the right balance between work and play. I read somewhere that lions spend about 20 hours of the day sleeping and thought it is very impressive how they manage to do that and still stay alive. 

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