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Western Cape
What you need to know
Day Trips

TThe Ceres Zip Slide Tour offers Africa’s longest zip line, with eight slides that allow for a 1.4km aerial journey, with splendid Western Cape scenery thrown in as an added bonus. Open every day of the year, the tour offers an excellent adrenaline rush opportunity. 

The Ceres Zip Slide Tour is based below the Koekedouw Dam amid the Schurweberg Mountains in Ceres, a scenic 90-minute drive from Cape Town. Ceres, famous for the fruit it produces, as well as its outdoor activities, is one of the most beautiful valleys you will ever visit. 

While the drive to Ceres will wow you with the rugged landscape, the zip-line adventure provides high-speed air conditioning and a continual adrenaline rush that you can’t get from driving a car within legal limits. 

The zip lines are all between 100m and 290m in length and allow adventurers to reach some decent speeds. The highest slide is 40m above ground and if you are scared of heights, this adventure is a great way to conquer your fears. 

Up to 12 people can be accommodated per tour, accompanied by 2 professional guides, who will ensure that all necessary safety procedures are followed. A briefing ahead of the tour will cover all you need to know about how to brake at the end of your slide, as well as how the changeovers between slides work. 

Those interested in flora can learn all about the indigenous species of plants in the region and, as you will discover, there are a lot of them. 

This adventure is suitable for anyone over the age of 3. Children can either slide in tandem with parents or with 1 of the guides. The tour is not suitable for pregnant women, people with neck and spinal problems or people heavier than 120kg. 

Tours go ahead regardless of whether it’s raining or not, so don’t let the forecast be a factor when booking your adventure. Waterproof clothing is provided at no extra cost when required. 

Tours take between 1 hour to 90 minutes, depending on the group size, weather conditions and number of children per group. 

Did You Know?
CCeres fruit produce is available in more than 84 countries around the world.

TTravel tips & planning  info 

Who to contact 

Ceres Adventures

Tel: +27 (0)79 245 0354  or Tel: +27 (0)78 063 5134



How to get here 

Ceres is situated some 130km from Cape Town. The best way to get here is to hire a car from Cape Town International Airport or Cape Town city centre and drive, enjoying the lovely scenery on the way. 

Best time to visit 

In winter, Ceres is renowned for its snowfalls, which attract many visitors from Cape Town. Snow remains a novelty in Africa. 

Things to do 

Golfers should definitely have a round at the scenic Ceres Golf Club. 

Length of stay 

It's a day outing from Cape Town. 

What to pack 

Comfortable clothes and shoes as well as sunblock. 

Where to stay 

The town has several B&Bs and farmstay accommodation options should you want to spend the night. 

What to eat 

You can eat at a local restaurant in Ceres, although don't expect haute cuisine. 

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"South Africa’s a very special country from coast to mountain. Cape Town itself is just an incredibly beautiful place also an incredibly diverse place, you have Table Mountain, you have indigenous forest and then you have this wealth marine life where you can see orcas and seals and penguins and whales and dolphins all on the same day and octopuses, massive invertebrate bio-diversity. I think, Cape Town is one of the most important bio-diversity hotspots on the planet and it’s also home to a huge community of endemic species and endemics are animals that you only find in that specific place and then when we talk specifically about the Great African sea forest, which is, the beautiful home of The Octopus Teacher. The thing about kelp forests is they cover 25% of the world’s coastlines, they are critical eco systems, they absorb carbon, they protect coastlines from storms and swell which is very important at this time because of rising sea levels and then they are just home to this unbelievable community of animals. They have some of the most bio-diverse habitats on Earth but, what’s happening, all over the world, because of climate change, is they are incredibly fragile. What’s incredible about the Greta African sea forest is the habitat is thriving, you know, it’s a very extensive kelp forest. It runs from De Hoop in the east all the way up the west coast to Namibia in the west and it’s healthy and the structure is there and although, you know, it’s not pristine but because the habitat is thriving the way that it is it really could be and you put your heard under the water there and you will see things that you never dreamed were possible and you’ll look up and there will be light playing through the forest and light rays shining down on you, and, it’s a dreamlike experience. It’s like being in a painting". Film Director, Pippa Ehrlich. We congratulate Netflix’s #MyOctopusTeacher​ for winning at The Oscars. The incredibly beautiful story of one of South Africa’s magical marine life and biodiversity, #MyOctopusTeacher​ was nominated for an Oscar award under the Documentary Feature category. Set in a kelp forest in #FalseBay​, #CapeTown​, South Africa, we say #MyOctopusTeacher​ definitely deserves the Oscar! #ShareSouthAfrica

We didn’t choose a location for this film because we never knew it was going to be a film, this is just what Craig does and what the C-Change project does, we live in Cape Town so we dive in Cape Town. And there are incredible dive sites all over the city, right on our doorstep and the incredible power of this film in some ways, and the joy of it from a filmmaking point of view is that, most natural history shoots you get flown off to some exotic location and then you’re under incredible pressure to get everything you need in three weeks. When you live and work in your home, you can be very picky about exactly the shot that you want. You know, you can wait for the best visibility, you can wait for the scariest storm. And the most amazing part of all of it is you go and dive, and you have these mind blowing experiences and you hold that feeling in your heart, and then you sit down straight afterwards and go back to the edit suite like this magical process of alchemy where it just pours into the film that you’re creating, so this was a once in a lifetime filmmaking process. It’s certainly changed my life." Film Director, Pippa Ehrlich. A showcase of South Africa’s beautiful biodiversity hotspot in a Western Cape kelp forest of #FalseBay​, Netflix's #MyOctopusTeacher​ has won an Oscar award under the Documentary Feature category. Good luck to the team for the brilliant story of a once-in-a-lifetime encounter in one of the most exquisitely beautiful environments on earth 🐙 #ShareSouthAfrica​ #CapeTown​ #FalseBay Learn more about the destination on

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