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South Africa
Cape Town
Port Elizabeth

WWinter has officially hit South Africa, and instead of taking the moody route, we’ve decided to fall in love with our South African winters. Why do you ask? Well there are just so many things to do and see when the temperature drops. So take a Sho’t Left, grab your scarves and gloves and find out what SA has to offer during these chilly months.

The varied SA weather:

Our many provinces offer a variety of winter temperatures to choose from. Durban, with its year-round humidity has the warmest winter weather in SA, thanks to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean on the East Coast, which ensures that Durban enjoys perfect weather all year-round. Cape Town offers a cooler type of winter, and with potential snow on the Ceres Mountains a winter coat is a must! Johannesburg gives you the perfect blend of clear sunny days, with a crisp chill in the air which makes for perfect weather to explore.

Food for the soul:

Winter is just another reason to enjoy wholesome South African food, food that brings back memories and creates lasting new ones. With the variety of excellent food South Africa has to offer you won’t be concerned about putting on a few kg’s during your winter travels. A hearty lamb potjie, bobotie, bunny chow or pap & vleis are some of most comforting foods to enjoy if you really want a true South African winter meal. So go on and take a soulful Sho’t Left to experience cuisine that’s unique to our rainbow nation.

SSnow struck:

Snow is not a common occurrence in South Africa, but when is does snow it’s spectacular. You can experience your very own winter wonderland in a few places where the blankets of white come to lay during winter. We suggest heading to Matroosberg in the Western Cape, where you will find the beautiful Ceres Mountains caked in white, or journeying to the snow-capped peaks of the Drakensberg Mountains in Kwa-Zulu-Natal.

Game viewing:

Game viewing in South Africa during winter is a breeze, and a fantastic time to head to the bush. The temperature makes for cooler game drives, and the thinner bush allows for easier game viewing. You may even get the opportunity to see more animals, as they tend to spend a lot more time together around rivers and waterholes during the colder months.

Sardine run:

The East Coast is magical during winter time, and the annual Sardine run that occurs between May - July across the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal coastline adds to the magic. During the sardine run you are likely to witness an incredible spectacle of birds, dolphins and other sea life that come together to feed off the greatest shoal on earth, consisting of millions of sardines as they travel upward in the warm water of the Indian Ocean on the East Coast.

WWhale of a time:

If you are keen to stay close to the coast line then Hermanus, a small town southeast of Cape Town in the Western Cape, offers another reason to fall in love with our winters, with the opportunity to witness the whale migration. These magnificent creatures begin coming through Hermanus in July, but the best time for viewing is August. Take in the crisp winter sea breeze and get your binoculars ready to witness this unique force of nature.

The flower route:

Who would think that the best time to view flowers would be in winter? Well in Namaqualand it sure is. During the months of July - October the wild flowers are in full bloom in the Namaqualand that stretches across the West Coast. This spectacle offers incredible photo-ops and a look into the fascinating flora of the Western Cape.

There are many reasons to take a Sho’t Left & love winter in South Africa. This spectacular country holds incredible experiences and adventures; from the delicious food, to the extraordinary wildlife and the beautiful landscape, South Africa’s best time of year… is ALL year.

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