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KKwaZulu-Natal is considered one of South Africa’s most beautiful provinces, and the Karkloof Nature Reserve just adds to the beauty. It is an unspoilt area in the north of the Natal Midlands, filled with vast grasslands, wetlands and huge tracts of mistbelt forests.

When you visit this place you will truly understand the restorative power of nature. Take your time over a few days to explore the area and enjoy what it has to offer.  The Karkloof Nature Reserve boasts a number of rustic lodges set amid a beautiful forest. Spend a few days hiking and relaxing with friends or family. If adventure is your thing you can go on a canopy tour amongst the birds, monkeys, trees and plants. The slides are up to 175m long and offer unforgettable views.

An additional 2800ha reserve that boasts incredible biodiversity is being added to this protected area and preserved for future generations. This undertaking is thanks to the foresight of a local resident, Timothy Hancock, who established The Karkloof Nature Reserve. Hancock entered into a long-term agreement with local wildlife authorities to lease Rockwood Farm to them to ensure the protection of Karkloof.

Did You Know?
LLegend has it that during the early 1870s, John Goodman Household and his brother built a glider and launched it from the top of a 300m precipice in the Karkloof area.

KKarkloof Nature Reserve has a wide range of endemic flora and fauna species that include the Karkloof blue butterfly, samango monkeys, bushbuck, crowned eagle, and dwarf chameleon.

If you enjoy birding then this is a real opportunity for sightings given that such a prolific number of species are found within a relatively small area. You’re bound to spot the endangered Cape parrot, orange ground thrush, red-necked spurfowl, lemon dove, crowned hornbill, and wattled cranes who call this pristine place home.

RRockwood Leisure is currently renovating existing accommodation and constructing new lodges, so make sure to check out the accommodation in the area when planning your trip.

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