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NN’Wambu Safari Lodge is set along the Crocodile River in Mjejane Game Reserve, within the Greater Kruger National Park

The lodge, luxuriously spacious and comfortable is a celebration of nature, an inviting oasis where contemporary interiors integrate seamlessly with the raw African beauty outside.

The main lodge, containing the lounge, dining, kitchen and separate scullery offers spacious living facilities which are cozy enough for small families yet versatile enough to cater for large groups and family gatherings. The lounge and dining open up completely to the river front offering a connection to the Kruger National Park even from the extreme comfort of these internal spaces. No matter the season, within the lounge there are facilities for any climate from passive cooling and fans for the hot summer days, to the warmth of a roaring fire within the lodge’s custom built fireplace for the cold bushveld nights. The lounge and dining are both designed to seat ten people comfortably within their African gallery-like spaces, rich with an interwoven tapestry of architectural texture, homely interior decorating and a vivid display of African art. The Dining Room with its double volume, high levels windows and huge wooden table offer the perfect venue for any eating occasion, be it banquet or braai.

Despite the splendour of the internal spaces of the lodge, there is no denying the importance of the river frontage and a guest's immersive experience with nature, for this reason N'Wambu Safari Lodge ensured that every metre of the river frontage was designed as an outdoor space with individual and unforgettable experiences unfolding before you. Dining outdoors has never been more appealing, with the rustic table that stretches towards the river, meals can be eaten with each guest having the most captivating views of animal life and the unforgettable beauty of the Kruger National Park. Even barbecuing takes on a unique feel with the Big Green Egg which allows one to cook immersed in nature. No bush experience is complete without an outdoor flickering fire in the dark of the night and within the N'Wambu Lodge's sunken boma such an experience has never been more unforgettable. The boma carves itself from the deck stepping down towards the river, as the roof peels away to reveal the vivid night skies of the bush, painted flawlessly with the light of the stars. The lodge sought to bring the river to its doorstep and it did exactly that with its lap pool, which flows along the length of the Crocodile River. Attention to detail and experience oriented design is conveyed even within the pool, containing shallow seating areas from where the wildlife can be viewed while submerged on the hot Kruger days. Floating on the pool one can recline upon the covered daybeds which double as outdoor beds for the brave of heart.

The lodge consists of three private suites connected to each other and the main areas by a rustic sleeper walkway, linking all spaces through the secured and well-lit central courtyard. Wrapping the sides of the walkways the rooms pull guests in to each of the private units. As you enter, the space grows and opens to reveal incredible views of the river through the beauty of a natural arch formed from two massive ironwoods. The rooms, a captivating collection of experiences, begins with the flowing softness of the mosquito net guarded beds, and billows out towards the private loungettes which double as bedding for young children who would like to stay within their parents room. The loungettes with sliding stacking doors allow the enclosure of the rooms to disappear as they step out onto private decks which line the pool, divided by rocky gardens. Each deck offers seating to its guests as well as a direct connection to the lodge’s river side pool. The living spaces of each room additionally offer guests a writing desk and baths, each positioned thoughtfully within the space. The bath positioned upon a pedestal within each room offers an incomparable bathing experience, as it peers out towards the river cradled within the gentle curves of the room. On the courtyard side of each unit the bathroom offers separated toilet and shower facilities. The entrance space of the bathroom offers large well-lit cupboards, large mirror and seating besides the vanity in order to ensure comfort while preparing oneself for the day. The shower divides itself in two offering both internal and external showering opportunities within the bathrooms private courtyard space. Nestled beneath the overhanging branches of the Milkberry Tree, these spaces offer an incredible experience even in the most ordinary of tasks.

Tucked within the privacy of the vegetated courtyard, the games room presents itself as a completely unique space within the lodge. Securely fenced in, the courtyard and games room provides a sense of safety to all, as adults and children can freely play within these spaces without worry. The room disconnects from the rest of the lodge to provide a centre for entertainment. A big screen TV equipped with DSTv and Blu-ray sound system hang from the incredible anthill like fireplace, encircled by the huge couch designed to create a cinematic experience beyond description. The Games table allows for an ideal space for both card and board games while the combination pool and table tennis table completes the perfect collection of entertainment opportunities within the room. With the thoughtful coziness and versatility of this entertainment centre one will be rooted here any time the need for entertainment strikes, be it sitting at the bar counter which grows from the floor or enjoying any one of the plethora of facilities provided. 

N'Wambu lodge looks into every detail of the bush experience to provide the most unforgettable and comfortable stay one could imagine. No matter the event or activity, facility is provided to make each moment a memory. The Elite Residences' Team cannot wait to host you in N'Wambu Safari Lodge its fresh and homely take on the rustic sophistication of luxury bush accommodation.



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