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NNot too long ago, on the far reaches of Pretoria East, a sweltering summers day revealed Ingaadi’s jewel of luxurious tranquility, exquisite spa experiences and world-class hospitality to the world. Today, a mere four months later, the Ingaadi brand has exceeded the greatest expectations of the spa & hospitality industry.

Drawing endless inspiration from our picturesque African landscape, Ingaadi captures the true essence of our
country’s rich heritage & hospitality. We perfected the fine balance between our ample African riches and the international influence of European chic. From the very beginning we aimed for every spa experience to feed a client’s body, well-being and soul with the rarities of time, relaxation and peace in a luxurious, tranquil setting.

Being relatively young in a competive spa & hospitality industry, we quickly took ownership of our unique brand, enjoying a steady growth towards being one of our country’s top spa’s.



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