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TThe SA Specialist programme is a free interactive online training course designed by South African Tourism (SA Tourism). It has been carefully crafted to enhance and facilitate trade practitioners with the information and resources necessary to promote South Africa as a diverse travel destination, and to improve the level of service that they offer their clients. Previously named FUNDI, the first phase of SA Specialist was launched in April 2013.

To date, SA Specialist boasts 10,748 registered users and 3,787 graduates. 

“SA Specialist works to ensure that those who take the course have the impression of experiencing South Africa first-hand, no matter where they are in the world,” says Jan Hutton, Chief Marketing Officer at SA Tourism. “The content is so detailed and the visuals so rich that one is transported to South Africa, and empowered with the skills to transport others in turn. SA Specialist’s simple modular functionality, user-friendliness, and ease of learning and engagement are what make it so unique.”

Says William Price, SA Tourism’s Global Manager: Digital Marketing, “SA Specialist was redesigned and developed from scratch to allow the travel trade industry to learn to sell South Africa confidently. Topical videos, inspirational imagery and fact sheets enable this process. We are exceptionally proud of the new programme and have received wonderful feedback from trade members who have become certified SA Specialists.”

The second phase of SA Specialist, which has only recently been launched, makes use of a more experiential approach. In this phase, learners are able to watch videos covering seven categories of South African experiences – from luxury, to scenic beauty, wildlife, action adventure, deep blue, roots and culture, and culture and lifestyle – helping them to gain an immersive and tangible sense of what the country has to offer. This second phase is also fully integrated across social media platforms that include Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

“Through this platform, we are ensuring that we create a group of passionate trade specialists that are immensely knowledgeable about South Africa, and are confident in their ability to understand and sell the country to travellers around the world,” concludes Hutton.

For more information, or to become a certified SA Specialist, visit

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