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BBerlin - Ms Tokozile Xasa, Minister of Tourism remarks during the roll out of the community outreach programme, held at the Dr WB Rubusana Region, on 13 December 2017

Thank you Mphathi woluhla/ Mphathi wohlelo/ Programme Director

To my Provincial and Regional Leadership;

Unwele olude to our Chief, Chief Andile Makhinana;

Alliance Partners present;

All Ward Councillor present;

All other representatives of our ground structures present;

The Community of Dr WB Rubusana Region;

And more importantly, to our special guests today, nditsho oTata, noMama bethu;

Manene nama Nenekazi;

Ndiyanibulisa nonke……….

Firstly, on behalf of my organisation the ANC, I would like to thank all of you for gracing us with your present, at this all important occasion, where we our honouring our most important citizens, our senior citizens. On that note, a special welcome to my Cdes the Provincial Leadership and the Regional Leadership of the ANC and another welcome to the peoples of the greater Dr WB Rubusana Region.

Let me also welcome our Cdes who could not join us here today, because of pre-arranged commitment, as all of us edge even closer to the most important era on the ANC calendar, the National Elective Conference. Maqabane, I must just say that I feel very fortunate, to be hosting this occasion, during what is a very hectic time of our political season. I cannot not mention our very caring local councillors, who have worked very hard with me, to make this event a possibility. This is indeed my opportunity to thank all those who have contributed to my political constituency work, during this past year of 2017.

Let me give particular thanks to my Cdes who continue to volunteer for the ANC, as we continue with our efforts to touch every part of our province, to deliver basic services to our communities. I also acknowledge the alliance movement, on their various ground efforts. To my constituency office staff, thank you so much for your contribution during 2017, against all odds. Ndiyabulela…..

I also recognise here today, the presence of the senior citizens of the region and indeed all the people of this region – Molweni, naze nabahle. You all make me a very proud daughter to all of you. Thank you for giving me a sense of belonging.

Comrades, as we turn over the new page, from the “Year of OR Tambo - 2017” to the “Year of Nelson Mandela - 2018”, I am quickly reminded that Cde Nelson Mandela too had a sense of charity towards everyone. As a true and loyal product of the ANC, he did not harbour grudges about past injustices or wrongs, but was ever so concerned only about finding a way forward. Cdes we are gathered here today to say to our Senior Citizens, that “You are important not only in the sculpturing of the history of this Country, but in reshaping its future also”.

Indeed, the recognition of our elderly people is an important and wonderful discourse and one that I believe we are all here to support. After all, “any nation and any society, is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members”. Cdes, I am therefore certain that I will be speaking for all of us today, when I say that that we should be fully mindful of this legacy and that we should all work together in the coming years, with a great feeling of compromise and charity for the well-being of our whole community.

As a responsible government and leader of the civic movement, the ANC and the PCO acknowledges that a lot more still needs to be done. For this reason, we rely on the active citizenry and the active partnership between society, the private sector and civil society, in order to continue to deliver to our people. I therefore invite the leadership of the structures and the Chief, to join in all the activities today, as we handover gift hampers to our senior citizens.

It is therefore a great pleasure that I duly acknowledge the many contributions of our volunteers to our community. These include volunteers working in the community and volunteers who work with our political structures. It is not possible to thank everyone individually, so I would like to give a mention to all the organisations run by our volunteers and I urge you to continue the efforts and develop extended volunteering programs, so that our communities are kept actively engaged at all times.

So, as I conclude, let me mention the contributions of our 5 ward councillors present here today. Our councillors contribute in various ways in debate and in representing public views at Council. I thank you in particular, for your high sense of duty and conscientious performance of all your functions. We are deeply indebted to you for your dedication to our mass mobilisation efforts and our community work.

To our senior citizens and special guests, I hope that you accept our gesture as a small token of recognition, for the role that you have played as members of our society. Please do enjoy it with family. To our political representatives and ground forces, thank you for the time and love that you give to our community…..

And with that positive message let me raise a Christmas Goodwill Toast and say:-

Here’s to Best Wishes for our Community for 2018. I thank you.

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