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NNordics Roadshow 2019


The objective of this roadshow is to contribute to the growing of arrivals from the Nordic countries to South Africa by 8 – 10% in 2020. This will be done through convincing the travel trade that currently sell South Africa that there is still ample opportunity beyond the high price and value packages that have been historically sold, while educating them about differentiated product and packaging opportunities. This will be done in partnership with the South African trade and suppliers qualified to accompany South African Tourism on their 3rd annual roadshow, by showcasing new itineraries that showcase South Africa beyond generic itineraries sold at a high cost to the end customer.

The following will be provided in order to assist you in compiling your application:

  1. A summary of consumer insights following our route to market research study concluded in January 2019
  2. A list of our 6 key experience pillars that highlight our brand attributes that we use to market the destination
  3. A list of the “hidden gems” tourism suppliers that were part of the Hidden Gems stand and Indaba – please request this to be sent to you
  4. Instructions for applications product/accommodation suppliers/destination marketing organisations, and instructions for DMC applications – as these application processes will be different
  5. Full program for roadshow and cities that will be visited
  6. Costs of application and inclusions

Consumer insights following completed research to the region in 2018: 

  1. The segment that South African Tourism have historically targeted through tactical work constitutes approximately 25% of the total target market in the region. This gives South African tourism business an opportunity to target 75% of the target audience with new and exciting experiences
  2. Consumers were segmented on a needs basis as opposed to an age basis for this study. Insights revealed a strong need for travelers to experience local food and culture, the history of a destination as well as a need to be close to nature. Nature is encompassed by landscapes, flora and fauna as well as being outdoors in natural environments. Another central theme was the need for safety, which needs to be underpinned positively and reflected in everything that we showcase both to trade as well as to the end consumer.
  3. Across all segments, an average of 323 euros is spent when traveling in South Africa per day, highlighting the high value opportunity that can be extracted from this market. This is the second highest spend travelers spend across all markets these travelers travel to, concurrently also highlighting the need for differentiation of packages and price points that are offered to the market. We are currently seen as a high cost market based on packages currently on offer.

Key experience pillars: 

  • Active Adventure
  • City Lifestyle
  • Coastal Beach
  • Cultural Roots
  • Scenic Outdoors
  • Wildlife Safari

Roadshow opportunity:

Introducing new off the beaten track itineraries to the tour operator and travel agent landscape in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland while creating a platform for business to business interactions

Instructions for application (excluding DMCs – DMC application process to follow): 

  • Submit 3 different itineraries, each with a minimum duration of 4 nights and 5 days, reflecting any of the 6 key experience themes detailed above
  • Partner (this is a mandatory requirement) with other tourism suppliers that are reflected in your submitted itineraries (maximum of 3 network partners will be accepted for travel to the roadshow). Scoring of itineraries will also incorporate partner selection to travel. Please ensure that the partners you select span different categories i.e. accommodation + activity/experience etc.
  • Of the 3 partners that will be put forward for your network, please ensure inclusivity (BEE) and opportunity for small businesses to be showcased; represented through a minimum of 1 out of the 3 suppliers in your network. Funding options are available once a network has been approved through our scoring process.
  • Top line marketing plan to market this package to existing consumer base – no more than 1 page. Include strategic objective, pricing strategy etc.
  • The score card for applications to be selected will reflect the following:
    • Diversity and uniqueness of experiences (incorporating the classics with new and different), as well as marketing strategy compiled: 40% of score b.
    • Inclusivity of suppliers and experiences reflected in itinerary – 30% c. Aligned with answering to consumer needs in the region (consumer needs highlights detailed above) – 30%
    • Aligned with answering to consumer needs in the region (consumer needs highlights detailed above) – 30%
  • Preference will be given to suppliers who have not attended before

Apply here:

DMC application process: 

  • Please indicate the provinces in which you currently sell packages for. Please supply proof of this where currently displayed in a public domain– i.e. screenshot from website etc.
  • Present 4 different itineraries that could potentially be packaged incorporating the consumer insight elements detailed above. Score will be awarded for inclusivity reflected in the itinerary. Your 4 itineraries also need to be segmented as follows: Repeater itinerary (x2 itineraries) vs first timer itinerary (x2 itineraries). Please align both themes to consumer insights as reflected above. Further clarification as follows: 
    • What kind of itinerary would you showcase to a first timer needing to see the classics (aligned to the consumer insights)? Please submit 2 in accordance with key experience pillars provided above
    • What kind of itinerary would you showcase to a repeat visitor? Please submit 2 in accordance with key experience pillars provided above
    • How would you reflect this in a marketing strategy (please indicate how you would market your first timer itinerary to first time travellers vs how you would market your repeater itinerary to repeat visitors)?

The scorecard will be reflected as follows: 

  • How many provinces are reflected in existing packages (score only awarded if proof provided)? 4+ provinces = 5 (30% of total score)
  • Inclusivity reflected in itinerary? 40% or more inclusive representation = 5 (30% of total score)
  • 4 itineraries reflecting first timer vs repeater experiences aligned with consumer insights? Marketing strategy compiled for these itineraries (40% of total score)
  • The remaining 10% will be based on whether DMC is leisure focused more than business/ incentive and whether the company is South African owned.
  • Only 3 DMCs will be accepted 6. Due to the high volume of DMC applications we receive and limited space available for DMCs, all DMCs that have been on the last 2 Nordic roadshows will only be considered if space allows – preference will be given to DMCs who have not attended before

Apply here:


We are pleased to confirm additional value as this roadshow will take place across 7 cities in the Nordics (3 more than 2017 and 2 more than 2018).

The cost per supplier (only 1 supplier permitted per company) is 1250 euros. This cost is inclusive of the following:

  • Accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis for 12 nights (13 - 25 October 2019)
  • Lunch and dinner on workshop and training days for the duration of the roadshow (this excludes meals on weekends and non-workshop/ training days as per detailed program)
  • Travel agent training participation in 4 cities (speed marketing format)
  • B2B workshop with decision makers in 7 cities (round robin format)
  • Airport transfers across all 7 cities (excludes international and regional flights – please book and arrange own)
  • Media pack before we leave (do a one page write up on your product
  • List of hidden gems that were at Indaba available upon request

Closing date for applications are 29 July 2019

Roadshow format and cities:

Sunday, 13 October 2019: Welcome dinner and briefing

Monday, 14 October 2019: Stockholm travel agent training in the afternoon and B2B workshop in the evening Tuesday,

15 October 2019: Travel to Gothenburg. Gothenburg B2B workshop in the evening Wednesday,

16 October 2019: Travel to Oslo. Oslo travel agent training in the afternoon and B2B workshop in the evening Thursday,

17 October 2019: Travel to Trondheim. B2B workshop in the evening Page 4 of 4 Friday,

18 October 2019: Travel to Helsinki. Travel agent training in the afternoon.

Weekend in Helsinki (19 and 20 October 2019).

Monday, 21 October 2019: B2B workshop in the evening

Tuesday, 22 October 2019: Travel to Aarhus. B2B workshop in the evening Wednesday

23 October 2019: Travel to Copenhagen. B2B workshop in the evening

Thursday 24 October 2019: Copenhagen travel agent training in the afternoon, farewell dinner in the evening

Please email your questions to Abby Swartz, Marketing and Promotions Manager for the Nordic Region:

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