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KKnown in the past as the De Wildt Cheetah Centre the name has recently been changed to the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre as a tribute to the woman who has devoted her life to the survival of the cheetahs as well as other rare and endangered species, Ann Van Dyk started the Centre in 1971. At the Centre we offer numerous tours, our daily 3 hour tour and Cheetah run experience is by far the most popular, guests get to enjoy the experience and know that the funds go to a worthy cause. In the morning guests are able to join the Cheetah Run and experience first hand the remarkable speeds that these cat’s can get up to, this is truly a photographers dream! The Cheetahs absolutely love the run as it is a form of enrichment for them. Guests are then taken around the farm by our extremely knowledgeable guides and get to meet a few of our animals and hear their story, the tour is very informative and focuses on educating the guests on the conservation of animals, in particular the Cheetah and the Wild Dog. Along the route guests are able to see, Cheetah, King Cheetah, Wild Dog, Vultures, Honey Badgers, Serval Caracal, Meerkats and many more species that have landed on our door step, each animal has a unique story and reason why they are here with us today, thus making it very interesting for the guests. After the 3 hour tour guests have the opportunity to meet one of our ambassador Cheetahs, this is a truly an experience that will make you leave with the conservation of Cheetahs in your heart.

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