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TTable Mountain, located in Table Mountain National Park is arguably one of the most well-known mountains in Africa. It is undoubtedly South Africa’s most iconic and well photographed landmark and it is located right in the heart of Cape Town! For many it is the most scenically beautiful location in South Africa. Table Mountain provides a magnificent backdrop to cosmopolitan, Cape Town and now boasts the accolade of being a New 7 Wonders of Nature. Anyone who walks on her , falls in love with her! Famous for her tablecloth of clouds that pours endlessly down her slopes when the south-easter blows, this is a mountain of many moods and offers visitors an endless range of experiences : Whether you come to enjoy her views, take on her endless hiking trails, go for a family walk, relax over a picnic, feel the adrenaline abseiling off her side, cycling along the shared trails, attempt a trail run or go to experience her spiritual side: Her reach is endless and her beauty perceived differently by everyone who visits her. She has a large plateau on her top and this allows people to access her completely in a way many other mountains don’t. Whether you walk up or opt for the cable way , the trip is always worth the effort. Her beauty leaves even the most jaded breathless! But that is just the beginning of what makes her so special She is part of a national park and the sheer wealth of her biodiversity requires her to be in special hands. There are about 2,200 species of plants found on Table Mountain and 1470 floral species. Many of these plants and flowers are endemic to this mountain. Table Mountain National Park forms part of the world renowned Cape Floral Kingdom, supporting a high diversity of flora, many of which are only found in South Africa. Table Mountain National Park is home to the Protea (national flower of South Africa), Erica’s, Restio’s and Asteracea, all of which is found in rich abundance. Despite intensive conservation efforts the Table Mountain range has the highest concentration of threatened species of any continental area of equivalent size in the world. Unique and amazing fauna call her home too. From the endangered Table Mountain ghost frog to the dassie, from puff adders to sunbirds, buzzards to skinks there is always something to see. Despite the sheer volume of 3 million or more recreational users accessing her annually, the range of experiences between human and wildlife abound. How you engage her, whether from the summit and revel in her spectacular views or simply stroll along in the cool shade of her indigenous forests, walk along a stream or clamber along her sport climbing routes – whatever you choose: her scenic beauty will stay in your memory for a lifetime

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