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SStormsriver Adventures is a professional eco-friendly entity situated in the heart of the majestic Tsitsikamma Forest region. The company boasts eco and adventure activities, which include the Woodcutters Journey. Experience the uniqueness of the Tsitsikamma Forest on a journey down the old Stormsriver Pass through the indigenous forest from the comfort of a specially designed vehicle. At Stormsriver Adventures we pride ourselves on being inclusive to people of all abilities. Follow the elephant migratory route, passing yellowwoods and stinkwoods, while hearing about the history of the area and the indigenous fauna and flora. Enjoy a delicious lunch or tea at a beautiful picnic site next to the Stormsriver, where wagons outspanned more than a century ago. We introduce you to a fairy world of a 450-500 year old “Human like Tree”, our own unique “Forest Guard” watching over the forest with it’s Human like faces. These trees tend to grow out beyond the forest canopy and make up most of what is known as the emergent tree layer. They are generally the largest trees in our forest and their relatively slow growth makes them strong and resilient. Stormsriver Adventures is more than just an Adventure Company as it has been firmly committed to Community Upliftment for the past 19 years, employing and training community members. Furthermore, 90% of the staff is from the local area and a committed Equity and Skills Development Plan has resulted in locals progressing to senior management positions and shareholders within the company. It was always the intention to make the staff part of the company who now own 48% of the operating company. "WE INVEST IN PEOPLE and OUR ENVIRONMENT"

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