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TThe achievement that we strive for each day with guests with special needs, as a tour operator for guests who are disabled, is to make a difference in their lives. To do this we make sure each guests is treated with dignity, respect and compassion. This might not be the “achievement” you are looking for, but to me this is the most significant achievement we can have in our books. The passion for this type of tourism. I have a “visitors book” dating back 21 years of making a difference for people with disabilities and their families, making their holiday “the best ever”, stating this, that you may read and I will personally bring in this book for you to read through, it is my life’s work testimonial to this achievement, of successfully conducting tours, pushing for changes at accommodations and attractions to be more aware of people with disabilities. Prior to 2004 it was very difficult, as people did not understand what tours for special needs guests was all about and many did not want “these” people in their establishment, but with the possibility of having the Paralympics things changed and with “Superman” becoming disabled opened a whole new understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities. So our greatest achievement to us is the reputation we have built over 21 years of compassion, understanding and offering free help and advise to making places more accessible for my very special guests. If you ask any tourism office whom can we contact to help make our establishment accessible they will give you my contact details and we will gladly offer advise, often even travel to the place to see where we can help. I love what I do, it still 21 years later gives me goose bumps when you see a persons face, doing something they only dreamt of - become reality! Each of our tours are unique and designed around each peron's "wish list" and their ability, this is to ensure that each person with special needs is catered for to the best of our ability, within the framework of what is available in our beautiful country. We have adapted transport, use only pre-checked accommodation, that we have personally inspected and only we driver/guide our tours to maintain the highest standard of quality. I am also a registered nursing sister and registered tourist guide. I have many testimonials from very happy guests that we can offer as proof of excellence.

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