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SSite inspections showcase the elements included in the destination’s bid. Site inspections are part of the SANCB’s service offering. The SANCB, in conjunction with the city and provincial convention bureaux, organises and facilitates site inspections to assist association heads and business-event decision makers by introducing them to the event professionals, who will bring their meeting, conference, event or incentive to life. The SANCB will invite key decision makers to view options to help confirm the conference offering, including pre- and post-show opportunities. Site inspections are a crucial part of the decision-making process for business events. The venue must be conveniently situated close to transport routes and important amenities and must boast the facilities and luxuries that befit a business traveller and conference delegate. The venue must be secure and attractive, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology, as well as excellent cuisine and a wide range of culinary and beverage options. 

Site inspections also reinforce the benefits of hosting a conference in South Africa and dispel negative preconceived notions.

The benefits are:

  • South Africa is a cost-effective destination with attractive exchange rates
  • South Africa is a world-class destination
  • Delivery of world-class services and experiences that are on time and bring the WOW factor
  • South Africa is a secure and harmonious nation
  • The opportunity to leave a lasting impression
  • Political/economic stability
  • South Africa is an innovative and advanced nation
  • South Africans are warm, welcoming and professional. Furthermore, well-coordinated site inspections give decision makers key insights into the wide variety of venues available in the chosen city. This allows decision makers to make their choices based on the facilities and location that best suits the conference attendees

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