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SSouth Africa has established itself as a lucrative outsourcing hub with an incredible overall quality of services offered. What makes this an even valuable destination is the favourable foreign exchange rate underpinned by a highly skilled workforce.

Identified as a key sector in the government’s strategy to boost the country’s economy and create employment, business process outsourcing and offshoring is forecast to create 25 000 direct and 75 000 indirect jobs in South Africa and contribute up to R7.95-billion to the national economy. 

Information technology (IT) outsourcing is also a growing business in South Africa, with the diversity of the local market, first world know-how and a developing country environment making it an ideal test lab for new innovations.

With the presence of numerous large outsourcing service providers, South Africa is perfectly positioned as the next outsourcing destination for growing Fortune 500 and global multinational corporations, making it the perfect destination to host any sector event.

What South Africa offers is more than tangible industry growth and talent. It is a hub of inspiration from its destinations to its people. These are the secret ingredients to the country’s outsourcing success. These are the secret ingredients the country offers to its visitors. 

South Africa has many factors working in its favour, which include:

  • World-class service levels of call centre staff
  • A broad base of management and service provider expertise, coupled with extensive financial services expertise, particularly in insurance, mortgage and loan processing and collection
  • Time-zone compatibility with Europe
  • High rates of fluency in English, coupled with neutral English accents that are easily understood in Western markets
  • A favourable exchange rate
  • Strong government support.
  • State-backed incentives, such as start-up and expansion grants and discounted telecommunications prices
  • An advanced and growing telecommunications industry.

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