Tourism signs

Directional tourism road signs indicate attractions and services

In between all the regular road and traffic signs notifying, directing and cautioning drivers, you'll come across a set of signs aimed specifically at tourists. These South African tourism signs are designed to direct and guide visitors to tourist facilities while on self-drive excursions around the country.

South African tourist signs are coloured white on brown and are mostly trapezoidal in shape. They indicate the location of attractions, facilities, services and activities of interest to tourists. This includes accommodation, where B&B, for example, indicates a bed and breakfast establishment; a caravan denotes a caravan park; a tent signifies a campsite; a house symbolises a guest house; and a bed indicates a hotel, motel or inn.

Aside from accommodation, tourism signs in South Africa also indicate lookout points, filling stations, restaurants, take-away food stops, hiking trails, historical battlefields, rest areas, and picnic spots. A host of facilities are also pointed out through these signs, from horse racing and golf courses to beaches and animal farms. All of these signs are easily identified by a corresponding image.

The South African tourism signs you'll want to pay particular attention to are the tourism route markers. These rectangular brown signs display tourism route names like Midlands Meander, for example. They also indicate the direction in which you should drive to follow the route. Smaller markers along the way indicate the continuation of the route while signs with the route image and the word 'End' underneath indicate the end of the route.

Tourism routes may also be identified by brown signs with a yellow 'T' and a number next to it, displayed alongside or above images such as an artist's palette (arts and crafts route), winding road (scenic drive route) or grapes and a wine glass (wine route).


  • Are there petrol filling stations along South Africa's tourism routes?
  • All major roads and highways in South Africa have filling stations en-route. Look out for brown tourism signs with an image of a petrol pump and a number in white next to it. This indicates how many kilometres to the next station it is. Filling up at each stop will ensure you have enough fuel in your tank to reach the next filling station. Not all tourism routes have petrol stations along the way, so it’s best to fill your tank before leaving a major road to follow a route. The fuel available at South African petrol stations includes unleaded and leaded petrol, as well as diesel.