Top 10: Wildlife Wonders in the Northern Cape

1 Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Africa’s first formally declared trans-border conservation area, this Kgalagadi mega-park is located between South Africa and Botswana. The park covers 3.6 million hectares, and here you will find black-maned lions, leopard, cheetah, antelope and over 280 bird species - many of them raptors. more

2 |Ai-|Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park

This national park is a unique mountain desert wilderness and is home to grey rhebok, duiker, steenbok, kudu, mountain zebra, baboon, leopard and exquisite lunar landscapes. more

3 Augrabies Falls National Park

Known as the ‘place of great noise’, the Augrabies Falls National Park is a 28 000 hectare sanctuary known for its diverse species including the endangered black rhino, and the craziest lizards you'll ever see. more

4 Namaqua National Park

The whole of the Namaqua region is regarded as a biodiversity hotspot and is famed for its annual spring flower display. Animals and birds also thrive in this area. You’ll find leopard, antelope, baboon and a wide range of bird species. more

5 Mokala National Park

The Mokala National Park is situated near Kimberley, and is well-known for its conservation of endangered animals, including tsessebe, black rhino and roan antelope. more

6 Witsand Nature Reserve

An eco-destination of note! The Witsand Nature Reserve is teeming with birdlife including the Namaqua sandgrouse, the sociable weave and the pygmy falcon. Don't miss the roaring sands... more

7 Tswalu Kalahari Reserve

The Tswalu Kalahari Reserve is home to 70 species of mammals including lion, cheetah, desert black rhino, sable and roan antelope. There are also over 200 bird species located in this reserve. more

8 Goegap Nature Reserve

Goegap Nature Reserve is renowned for its birdlife including the Black Eagle. Mammals include springbok, gemsbok, aardwolf and the endangered Hartman’s Zebra. more

9 Riemvasmaak

Situated to the north of the Augrabies Falls, Riemvasmaak is a beautiful mountain desert wilderness that covers some 75 000 hectares. There are regular sightings of baboon and leopard, kudu and gemsbok are also located in this region. more

10 Tankwa Karoo National Park

An exquisite landscape of wide-open horizons, mountains, succulent plants and thorny trees. Look out for gemsbok (oryx) and springbok. more