Top 10: Historical sites in the North West

The Mahikeng Town Hall The Mahikeng Town Hall

1 Vredefort Dome

The location of a meteor impact some two-million-years ago, the Vredefort Dome is a World Heritage Site that attracts visitors who enjoy hiking, history and outdoor adventure. more

2 Taung

A satellite location of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, Taung gained international fame when the Taung Skull, said to be a crucial link in tracing the development of man, was found there in 1924. more

3 Mafikeng Museum

Exhibitions at the museum focus on the famous Siege of Mafikeng and the history and culture of the area, as well as one of the North West's most famous residents - Sol Plaatje. The Mafikeng cemetery is also worth a visit. more

4 Boekenhoutfontein Farm

From 1862 – 1903 the farm was the property of State President Paul Kruger and is now a historical landmark in the province.

5 Historic dwellings, Potchefstroom

There are some fine examples of late-Victorian/early Edwardian homes in Potchefstroom, some of which date back to the early 1900s. The Dutch Reformed Church is another major architectural highlight.

6 Groot Marico

Discover a town frozen in time, where mampoer (peach brandy) is brewed by locals, tobacco fields bake in the sun, a manual telephone exchange still operates, one of the country's most famous authors is celebrated annually and nearby dolomite caves share their fossil secrets. more

7 Tswaing Crater

Formed by a meteorite impact some 220 000 years ago, the Tswaing Crater its visitor centre includes a museum, exhibition space and educational centre.

8 The Lost City of Mogale

Visit the ancestral home of Chief Mogale (1810 - 1869) and his Ba-Po people. Here the remains of Tswana/Sotho and Ndebele Iron Age settlements may be seen. Other interesting objets d'art include a granite fault, ceremonial cairns and monoliths.

9 The Klerksdorp Museum

Housed in a former prison, the Kerksdorp Museum's sandstone building dates back to the 1880s and houses exhibitions that deal with social history and heritage of this far-flung corner of South Africa.

10 Schweizer-Reneke

The town of Schweizer-Reneke is home to the first Dutch Reformed Church to be built in the former Transvaal Republic. It is also famous for Bushman paintings 2km from the town centre. You'll also find a Voortrekker Monument erected in 1938, a World War 2 memorial library and a republic monument.