Top 10: Cultural museums

Gold of Africa museum A gold exhibit at the Gold of Africa museum

1 South African Museum and Planetarium, Cape Town

Situated in the Company Gardens alongside other significant national cultural institutions, the museum is known for its excellent displays on the Khoisan. more

2 District Six, Cape Town

Commemorates the once-vibrant mixed-race community of District Six, forcibly evicted from their homes during the apartheid era. more

3 Gold of Africa Museum, Cape Town

Traces the African continent’s relationship with gold and the history of gold-smithing. There are hundreds of artefacts on view, associated with ancient African civilisations. more

4 Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg

Portrays the trials of daily life under apartheid and highlights its most oppressive episodes. A world-class museum with interactive exhibits. more

5 Origins Centre, Johannesburg

A new star on Johannesburg’s cultural horizon, this museum located at the University of the Witwatersrand explores human ancestry, bringing to life the oldest-known inhabitants of South Africa, the San. more

6 Kimberley Mine Museum, Kimberley

A reconstruction of Kimberley in the 1880s with a diamond digging feature suited to children, set alongside the Big Hole. more

7 Museum Africa, Johannesburg

Details the development of the city of Johannesburg. Highlights include the Ghandi exhibit, the display on Sophiatown and the Treason Trial display. more

8 SA National Museum of Military History, Johannesburg

From small arms to armoured vehicles to some of the rarest military aircraft in the world, this museum looks at wars fought by South Africans, and commemorates those who gave their lives in battle more

9 Transvaal Museum, Pretoria

Tons of natural history to explore with something to interest visitors of all ages. A walk back into time. more

10 Cape Town Holocaust Centre, Cape Town

On the grounds of the city’s Great Synagogue, the museum draws parallels between all struggles against oppression. The South African Jewish Museum is also located on the property. more