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George Pemba

  • Culture & HistoryPeopleVibrant Culture

George Milwa Mnyaluza Pemba preferred painting than attending class at the Van der Kemp Mission Primary School in Port Elizabeth.  As a young child, the walls…

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George, Western Cape

  • AccommodationBustling City LifeLeisure & LifestyleTownsUntouched WildWildlife & NatureWestern Cape

George in the Western Cape is a popular destination in, and a key access point to, the southern Cape. As a central hub on the…

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Gerard Sekoto

  • Culture & HistoryPeopleVibrant CultureMpumalanga

Gerard Sekoto was one of South Africa’s most important artists, even though he spent most of his life in self-imposed exile in Paris, France, his…

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German history in South Africa

  • Culture & HistoryVibrant CultureEastern CapeKwaZulu-Natal

Ah, the joys of Oktoberfest! The tasty Bavarian wonders of bratwurst and eisbein, the clink of massive steins of beer, the oompah bands, the lederhosen…

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German restaurants

  • Bustling City LifeFood & Wine

German restaurants in South Africa have had to adapt their menus to local variances in the availability of traditional German ingredients, and to suit local…

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Ghosts of South Africa

  • AdventureCulture & HistoryOutdoor PlaygroundVibrant Culture

The ghosts of South Africa are a colourful, dramatic and varied lot. Made up of murderers, victims, battlefield spirits and road accident fatalities, a South…

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Gifberg, Western Cape

  • AccommodationCulture & HistoryUntouched WildVibrant CultureWildlife & NatureWestern Cape

The Gifberg rock art site, set in mountains which glower over the Knersvlakte (teeth-grit plain) in the north-western Cape, is linked in a vital way…

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Gliding in Worcester

  • AdventureOutdoor PlaygroundWestern Cape

In Worcester, gliding is possible all year round, owing to the fact that it’s one of the few places in the world where thermic, ridge…

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Goegap Nature Reserve

  • Untouched WildWildlife & NatureNorthern Cape

Life in the Goegap Nature Reserve offers a different world every spring. ‘I have been here since 2006 and each flower season is a surprise…

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Gold of Africa Museum

  • Culture & HistoryVibrant CultureWestern Cape

Probably the biggest factor that shaped the South Africa of today was the discovery of gold in 1886. People from other countries flooded in, imperial…

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Golden Gate Highlands National Park, Free State

  • AccommodationUntouched WildWildlife & NatureFree State

Loved for its unusual scenery and renowned for its golden aura as the sun illuminates its sandstone cliffs and outcrops, the Golden Gate Highlands National…

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Golfing safaris

  • AdventureOutdoor PlaygroundSportUntouched WildWildlife & Nature

Do you love golf? Do you enjoy being around wildlife? If you’ve mentally ticked yes to both, why not go on a golfing safari around…

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Gordon's Bay

  • Bustling City LifeFood & WineUntouched WildWildlife & NatureWestern Cape

Those who know Gordon’s Bay in the Helderberg region will tell you that this seaside retreat has a lot to offer. There are beautiful beaches…

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Gorge swing, Mpumalanga

  • AdventureOutdoor PlaygroundMpumalanga

The Lowveld is full of adventure highs, and Graskop’s gorge swing rates up there with the best of them. Teetering on a tiny platform, with…

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Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape

  • Culture & HistoryUntouched WildVibrant CultureWildlife & NatureEastern Cape

Graaff-Reinet has been a traveller’s oasis in South Africa’s semi-arid desert, the Karoo, for more than two centuries, since it was founded in 1786. It’s…

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Grahamstown, Eastern Cape

  • ArtsCulture & HistoryVibrant CultureEastern Cape

If you called Grahamstown the ‘Settler City’, the ‘City of Saints’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’ or ‘Rini’, you’d be correct on all counts. This Eastern Cape town…

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Grape escapes in the winelands

  • Bustling City LifeFood & WineLeisure & LifestyleWestern Cape

Grape-escapes in the Cape winelands take many fun forms. At the Robertson Wine Valley Hands-on-Harvest Festival, roll up those trousers and go grape stomping. Who…

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Graskop, Mpumalanga

  • Untouched WildWildlife & NatureMpumalanga

Graskop lacks the picturesque charm of some of the other little towns in Mpumalanga, but is a very convenient jumping-off place for exploring the R534…

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Grassland wildflowers

  • Responsible TourismUntouched WildWildlife & NatureMpumalanga

Have you missed out on the great sweeps of spring daisies in Namaqualand and the glorious fynbos flowers in the Western Cape in September and…

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Graves of South African heroes

  • Culture & HistoryVibrant Culture

Important moments on the map of South African history are plotted by the graves of South African heroes, martyrs and soldiers who died defending their…

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Great Fish Point Lighthouse, Eastern Cape

  • AccommodationCulture & HistoryVibrant CultureEastern Cape

If you should ever make your way to the mouth of the Great Fish River in the Eastern Cape and hear about ‘the short, red-headed…

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Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park

  • Responsible TourismUntouched WildWildlife & Nature

The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park brings together some of the richest and most established wildlife areas in Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe, including South Africa’s…

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Greater Limpopo Birding Route

  • Breathtaking SceneryRoutes & TrailsUntouched WildWildlife & NatureLimpopo

If you were to ask a serious South African birder about the most productive area for birding in the country, he would most likely recommend…

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Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area

  • Responsible TourismUntouched WildWildlife & NatureLimpopo

It seems quite fitting that the statesman who gave the world ‘holism’ and founded what would become the United Nations, first championed what is now…

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Green Flag hiking trails

  • AdventureBreathtaking SceneryOutdoor PlaygroundRoutes & Trails

Green Flag is essentially an accreditation programme that seeks to offer hikers the best value for money and to ensure trails meet their expectations. It…

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Green grading

  • Responsible Tourism

South African tourism grading started off, as most countries did, with a star system. One star ensured the basics, five stars secured you true luxury.…

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Green incentives in South Africa

With the environment being top of mind for many incentive travellers, the choice of green incentives in South Africa will more than meet your wish-list.…

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Green Johannesburg

  • Untouched WildWildlife & NatureGauteng

Johannesburg might be something of an urban jungle, but it also has some wonderful natural attractions, adding much to the fascinating nature of this city.…

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Green Kalahari, Northern Cape

  • Breathtaking SceneryBustling City LifeFood & WineRoutes & TrailsUntouched WildWildlife & NatureNorthern Cape

Since time immemorial, the Green Kalahari, Northern Cape, has drawn people to its vast, pure landscape, with the life-force of the Gariep (Orange) river flowing…

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Green Leaf Environmental Standard

  • Untouched WildWildlife & NatureEastern Cape

“Take this leaf because it comes from a tree that is a tree of the wild and you will also find it next to every…

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Green Mountain Eco Route

  • AccommodationBreathtaking SceneryBustling City LifeEventsFood & WineLeisure & LifestyleRoutes & TrailsWestern Cape

The Green Mountain Eco Route is the world’s first biodiversity wine route, located within the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, the epicentre of the Cape Floral Kingdom.…

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Green Point Lighthouse, Cape Town

  • Culture & HistoryVibrant Culture

It’s a ‘trench coat night’ in Green Point, Cape Town. The mist is so thick you expect Humphrey Bogart – dressed in a Burberry with…

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Greenside, Johannesburg

  • Bustling City LifeFood & WineLeisure & LifestyleGauteng

Greenside doesn’t boast the stately homes of its neighbour, Parktown North. Nor the revamped trendy cottages of adjacent Parkhurst. But it does have some of…

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Groot Constantia, Cape Town

  • Bustling City LifeCulture & HistoryFood & WineVibrant CultureWestern Cape

The Groot Constantia winelands are renowned for their quality wines, which visitors can taste at the estate. But it is so much more than just…

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Groot Marico, North West

  • ArtsBustling City LifeEventsFood & WineTownsVibrant CultureNorth West

The town of Groot Marico in South Africa takes its name from the Groot Marico River, which wends its way through the Marico District in…

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Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

  • Responsible TourismUntouched WildWildlife & NatureWestern Cape

When Michael Lutzeyer bought a farm near Hermanus in 1991, he had no plans for it to become the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. He also…

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Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve, Western Cape

  • Breathtaking SceneryRoutes & TrailsUntouched WildWildlife & NatureWestern Cape

Expect great indigenous forest trees, uncommon forest birds and small mammals such as the ubiquitous bushbuck when you go deep into the Western Cape’s Grootvadersbosch…

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Grotto Beach, Hermanus

  • Untouched WildWildlife & NatureWestern Cape

Grotto Beach in Hermanus is an upscale seaside town that overlooks Walker Bay, a protected whale sanctuary. Boasting some of the best land-based whale-watching in…

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Gwahumbe Reserve Game & Spa, KwaZulu-Natal

  • AccommodationBustling City LifeLeisure & LifestyleUntouched WildWildlife & NatureKwaZulu-Natal

Among the many attractions of the KwaZulu-Natal province is being able to splash in the ocean waves in the morning and savour the tranquillity of…

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Half-marathons in South Africa

  • EventsSport

Summer is the perfect time for running half-marathons in South Africa. The weather in most parts is perfect up until June, although the country has…

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Hamburg, Eastern Cape

  • AccommodationArtsBustling City LifeLeisure & LifestyleTownsUntouched WildVibrant CultureWildlife & NatureEastern Cape

Go onto the local South African fishing blogsites and you’ll see why the village of Hamburg in the Eastern Cape is a top fishing getaway…

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Hammock Camp, Mashovhela Lodge

  • AccommodationUntouched WildWildlife & NatureLimpopo

Mashovhela Lodge lies in Limpopo’s Soutpansberg Mountains. It’s a big game reserve filled with ancient gorges, sacred pools and wild stretches of African bush. With…

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Hans Merensky golf course

  • AccommodationSportLimpopo

The Hans Merensky Golf Course adjacent to the Kruger National Park in Phalaborwa, promises the ultimate African golfing experience, where golfers share the fairways with…

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Hantam Botanical Gardens

  • Responsible TourismUntouched WildWildlife & NatureNorthern Cape

Your life will be enriched if you take the drive from Cape Town up the West Coast to the 6 200ha Hantam Botanical Gardens, situated…

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Hare Krishna Temple of Understanding

  • Culture & HistoryVibrant CultureKwaZulu-Natal

The Hare Krishna Temple of Understanding – the largest Hare Krishna temple in the southern hemisphere – glows like a beacon in the early morning…

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Harold Porter Botanical Gardens

  • AdventureBreathtaking SceneryBustling City LifeLeisure & LifestyleOutdoor PlaygroundRoutes & TrailsUntouched WildWildlife & NatureWestern Cape

The Harold Porter Botanical Gardens offers you 200ha of the finely bushed plants endemic to this area, known as fynbos, 190ha growing naturally and the…

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Harrismith, Free State

  • Free State

The fact that Harrismith lies halfway between Johannesburg and Durban on the N3 highway is both a blessing and a curse. The ‘curse’ part is…

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Hartbeespoort Dam, North West

  • AdventureArtsBustling City LifeLeisure & LifestyleOutdoor PlaygroundUntouched WildVibrant CultureWildlife & NatureNorth West

Hartbeespoort is a small, picturesque town located in the eastern corner of the North West province, bordering the Gauteng province. Hartbeespoort Dam is the area’s…

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Hartenbos Beach, Mossel Bay

  • AccommodationBustling City LifeLeisure & LifestyleResponsible TourismUntouched WildWildlife & NatureWestern Cape

Hartenbos Beach, a Blue Flag beach, promises visitors ‘everything under the sun’. This beach earned its prestigious Blue Flag status for its strict control of…

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Hawston Beach, Hermanus

  • Bustling City LifeLeisure & LifestyleResponsible TourismUntouched WildWildlife & NatureWestern Cape

Hawston Beach is found along a stretch of coastline to the west of Cape Town renowned for its whale and dolphin spotting opportunities. The little…

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