19 November 2014

South African Tourism’s new-look Welcome website launched

South African Tourism’s new-look Welcome website was launched recently. The site, which is aimed at the travel trade, forms part of South African Tourism’s Welcome initiative that aims to create and sustain engagement with industry stakeholders, and encourage information sharing.

The Welcome site is filled with information the tourist trade will find useful

The site is full of useful information to help properly welcome visitors to South Africa, and includes a toolkit designed to improve service levels and ensure that visitors have the best possible experience in South Africa.

The toolkit is of great value – the “Know your tourist” tab is a downloadable tool with letters of welcome in different languages.

Of note is the overview of each country, what people from those countries enjoy, how to greet them and what kind of activities they may be interested in. If, for instance, you click on China, you are able to download a ‘Welcome to South Africa’ letter in Mandarin.

The toolkit has information about tourists from India, China, the United States, Nigeria, the United Kingdom and Kenya, while more content on 15 other countries is scheduled to be added over the coming weeks.

If you want to hear for yourself what tourists have to say about South Africa and their expectations; if you want a cooking demonstration; or if you want to learn how to open and serve wine, then the video tab is where you will find videos that will teach you first-hand all you need to know.

Sights and activities also form part of the toolkit – members of the trade will find links to must-see places and must-do activities in all nine South African provinces.

The food and beverage page is filled with hints, tips and recipe books, including on vegan and vegetarian meals, and has a guide to Chinese, Indian and Jain restaurants in South Africa.

You can also research how best to market South Africa globally by downloading relevant country information packs.

People in the tourism sector are encouraged to spend time on the site, a useful tool for all in the trade. 

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