29 August 2013

SAT France's Facebook page excels in rankings

South African Tourism France’s Facebook page has been ranked among the top-five most active country Facebook pages in France by the French social media agency, We Like Travel.

Linda Sangaret, General Manager: South African Tourism France  Linda Sangaret, general manager: South African Tourism France

We update our Facebook page daily, adding pictures and stories about South Africa. – Linda Sangaret, SAT country manager: France

We Like Travel has been ranking the top 10 destination Facebook pages in France since February 2013.

The South African Tourism (SAT) France Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AfriqueduSud) has consistently ranked in the top 10 – it was ranked fourth in May 2013 after Malaysia, Thailand and Dominica, and has also achieved two second-place rankings.

Linda Sangaret, SAT country manager: France, says the results show SAT's commitment to promoting South Africa on social media sites through regular content updates.

'We update our Facebook page daily, adding pictures and stories about South Africa that feature culture and wildlife, for example. We then get our fans to interact with us by asking them to provide titles for the photographs or give their impressions of a photo, event or news item.'

SAT France's Facebook page currently has more than 15 530 fans, with an average 6 000 monthly active users.

Its May 2013 ranking has been published in the online travel trade magazine, L’Echo Touristique, and highlighted on the Veille Info Tourism website. Veille Info Tourism is the information portal of the French tourism ministry.  

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