26 September 2016

Learn how to register and upload your deal on Sho’t Left

Do you own a restaurant, an accommodation outlet or a tourist attraction? Here’s a perfect opportunity for you to advertise your domestic travel packages on http://deals.southafrica.net for free.

Your ad will help many South Africans explore our amazing country while experiencing your hospitality.

Here’s how to register and upload:

  1. Select the “Register” tab on the http://deals.southafrica.net website.
  2. Click “Upload your package”.
  3. Click on “Create a new local package”.
  4. Select South Africa as the target audience.
  5. After all the relevant information is filled in, submit the package.
  6. Once the package has been approved, it will be published.
  7. Choose the “Manage your package” tab that will allow you to edit your deal at your convenience.

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