20 December 2012 by Ems Tsotetsi

Six of the best paintball fields in South Africa

Paintball is all about outsmarting and outmanoeuvring your opponents. And it’s great holiday fun for kids and adults.

Enjoying a game of paintball. Image courtesy Getaway

In a Getaway blog, Michael Maart of lists some of the best paintball fields South Africa. 

1. U-TAC, Near Atlantis
If you’re out to re-enact realistic military scenarios, Urban Tactical Paintball (U-TAC) is the place to visit. Test your mettle in the village, a hostage bus and various other structures and bunkers to keep you enthralled in life-like missions. Special effects, 48-hour wars, and vehicle and chopper insertions are available by prior arrangement. From R200, including gear and 500 paintballs, which is a real bargain. Cell: 083 778 9222/111; www.u-tac.co.za.

2. Action Paintball, Durban
Action Paintball proves that Durban has more than just water sports to offer. This venue has 4 fields, including 2 urban fields where you can hide out in broken buildings; a bush field for sneaky ambushes and camouflage lovers; and a speedball field for those who prefer non-stop shooting between inflatable obstacles. From R80 a person. Cell: 074 172 1309; www.hillcrestpaintball.co.za.

3. Woods Paintball, Johannesburg
If you’ve never played paintball in the woods (woodsball), it’s about time you gave it a try. The Woods Paintball range has 5 fields, giving you a shot at outmanoeuvring your buddies in genuine tree-filled and bushy areas, as well as in close-quarters combat in more heavily bunkered woods. Plus, it’s only a 10-minute drive from Fourways Shopping Mall. From R120 a person, including protective gear. Tel: 011 234 5317; www.woodspaintball.co.za.

It’s fast-paced, often leads to close-quarters combat, and the thrill of constantly dodging a barrage of paint will leave you gasping for more.

4. X Paintball, Somerset West
X Paintball is one of the few places that offers scenario paintball, with an interesting variety of fields. Marshals provide scenarios and missions to eradicate the boredom of shoot-’em-up paintballing, allowing you to test your strategic and leadership skills. Take your pick from urban, bush or tyre fields, or play across all 3 at once. From R100 a person. Cell: 073 217 5972; www.xpaintball.co.za.

5. Paintball Heaven, Port Elizabeth
Supercharge a day out with a game of speedball. It’s fast-paced, often leads to close-quarters combat, and the thrill of constantly dodging a barrage of paint – including your own balls ricocheting off inflatable obstacles – will leave you (literally) gasping for more. If this isn’t for you, though, there are also bush, urban and scrap-yard fields. From R65, including gear and 100 balls. Tel 041 366 2134; www.paintballheaven.co.za.

6. Ruins Paintball, Bloemfontein
For a massive amount of fun and chaos, a field of appropriate size is required. The large Ruins Paintball field can easily accommodate 100 paintballers or more, and offers an urban and bush warfare experience. The sound of more than 100 guns firing at once on this battlefield will have you believing you’re on the set of a big-screen war film. It doesn’t get much better than that. From R70 a person (minimum of 10 people in a group). Cell 083 490 2855; www.ruinspaintball.com.

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