• Zachary's restaurant

    Zachary's restaurant

    16 July 2014

    Zachary's, an intimate restaurant in Knysna, offers guests a choice between its à la carte menu and its menu gourmand, a seven-course tasting menu that serves up some of the Garden Route’s best seasonal cuisine.

  • Swellendam and surrounds, Western Cape

    Swellendam and surrounds, Western Cape

    4 June 2014

    The town of Swellendam in the Western Cape, snuggled against the Langeberg mountains, is a great place to start your Garden Route adventure.

  • Chef Peter Tempelhoff

    Chef Peter Tempelhoff

    18 March 2014

    Chef Peter Tempelhoff might have world-class credentials, but his culinary inspirations are firmly rooted in the rich and rewarding flavours of South African cuisine.

  • Pete Goffe-Wood – celebrity chef

    Pete Goffe-Wood – celebrity chef

    18 March 2014

    Celebrity chef Pete Goffe-Wood regards himself as a food alchemist. Not surprising, given that his highly imaginative dishes transcend the boundaries of the ordinary.

  • South Africa's cheese-makers

    South Africa's cheese-makers

    11 March 2014

    While cheese was always the domain of our European counterparts, South African cheese-makers have improved their offering and we now have a burgeoning cheese industry.

  • The Prince Albert Saturday Market

    The Prince Albert Saturday Market

    7 March 2014

    Organic fruit and veg, pickles and preserves, and freshly baked cakes and cookies are all on the bill at the delightful Prince Albert Saturday Market.

  • Chef Benny Masekwameng

    Chef Benny Masekwameng

    3 March 2014

    Chef Benny Masekwameng’s love for cooking goes back to his youth, when he helped his mother prepare meals for members of the local community.

  • Bientang’s Cave Restaurant & Wine Bar, Hermanus

    Bientang’s Cave Restaurant & Wine Bar, Hermanus

    25 February 2014

    Whales frolicking nearby and salt spray tickling your cheeks – ocean-side dining reaches new heights when you eat at Bientang’s Cave Restaurant & Wine Bar in Hermanus.