• Camping in South Africa

    Camping in South Africa

    4 December 2013

    South Africans are known for their love of the outdoors, and consequently there’s no shortage of beautiful places to set up a tent.

  • Explore the Diamond Route

    Explore the Diamond Route

    7 November 2013

    From the red sands of the Kalahari to the baobab-covered hills of the north-eastern corner of Limpopo, the Diamond Route comprises a group properties set aside by diamond mining companies for conservation and tourism in South Africa.

  • Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, Western Cape

    Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, Western Cape

    30 October 2013

    Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is conservation in progress – once a wasteland of overgrazed farms, today it is a staggeringly beautiful, successful wilderness area.

  • Langalibalele Pass, KwaZulu-Natal

    Langalibalele Pass, KwaZulu-Natal

    19 October 2013

    Hikers in the Drakensberg can enjoy the challenges and natural attractions of the Giant’s Castle trails, where nearly 150 years ago a dramatic colonial skirmish took place.

  • Hole in the Wall, Wild Coast, Eastern Cape

    Hole in the Wall, Wild Coast, Eastern Cape

    19 October 2013

    Millions of years ago, waves punched a hole through the middle of a large cliff stranded offshore, leaving the Hole in the Wall.

  • Hogsback, Eastern Cape

    Hogsback, Eastern Cape

    19 October 2013

    Deep in the Amathole Mountains of the Eastern Cape lies a village lost in time. Hogsback is a pure forest escape and a hiker’s delight.

  • King’s Beach, Port Elizabeth

    King’s Beach, Port Elizabeth

    12 October 2013

    Sun seekers who like to splash around in the ocean can enjoy excellent conditions at King's Beach in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, regardless of what season it is.

  • Adventures in and around Bloemfontein

    Adventures in and around Bloemfontein

    30 September 2013

    Bloemfontein is a great starting point for exploring the adventure activity options available in the Free State province.