• The Indaba Tree at Pretoriuskop, Kruger National Park

    The Indaba Tree at Pretoriuskop, Kruger National Park

    27 September 2013

    You'll find the Indaba Tree at Pretoriuskop camp in the Kruger National Park near the camp's swimming pool – one of the park's nicest pools.

  • Sandgrouse


    10 September 2013

    Sandgrouse are beautiful, dove-sized birds that are cunningly adapted to life in the dry Kalahari Desert. But how do they get water to their chicks?

  • Kori bustards

    Kori bustards

    9 September 2013

    Kori bustards, with their long necks and hefty bodies, are said to be the world’s largest flying birds. But they're not really fond of flying.

  • Honeymoons in the Northern Cape

    Honeymoons in the Northern Cape

    9 September 2013

    A honeymoon in the Northern Cape is an excellent option for active couples looking to combine a romantic getaway with thrilling eco-adventure activities.

  • Karoo National Park

    Karoo National Park

    7 September 2013

    There’s something about lifting your gaze up to the mountains – and then down to a moonstruck scrub hare – that eases your mental balance.

  • The Panorama Route, Mpumalanga

    The Panorama Route, Mpumalanga

    1 September 2013

    Take a deep breath and plunge into the Panorama Route of Mpumalanga, where endless vistas succeed each other in a fairytale land above the clouds.

  • Giraffes


    31 August 2013

    Giraffes are rather wondrous creatures, icons of the thorn-tree savannahs. They are tough, tall, move only at a walk or a gallop and adore leaves.

  • Gondwana Game Reserve

    Gondwana Game Reserve

    31 August 2013

    You’ve no doubt heard of South Africa’s legendary Garden Route, but did you know it’s also home to the world’s only Big Five fynbos reserve?