• Rietbron Wire Handcraft

    Rietbron Wire Handcraft

    25 May 2013

    Rietbron Handcrafts in the tiny Karoo town of Rietbron in the Eastern Cape produce wire art that is delicate yet strong, and all shiny with sequins, beads and metal thread.

  • Elizwe Ceramics, Eastern Cape

    Elizwe Ceramics, Eastern Cape

    17 March 2013

    Elizwe Ceramics, located on a farm outside Cookhouse in the Eastern Cape, uses the art of working with clay to upskill unemployed people.

  • Augrabies flat lizards

    Augrabies flat lizards

    17 March 2013

    Even if you’re not into reptiles, you’ll find the Augrabies flat lizard quite fascinating. The advantage is they’re easy to see, and live in a startlingly beautiful place.

  • Pinnacle Point Caves, Mossel Bay

    Pinnacle Point Caves, Mossel Bay

    16 March 2013

    The Pinnacle Point Caves in Mossel Bay are historically important, but are also sites that can inform scientists on the effects of global warming.

  • KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board

    KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board

    27 February 2013

    The KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board – the only organisation of its kind in the world – has protected the province’s bathers from shark attacks for 50 years.

  • Kestrelling in South Africa

    Kestrelling in South Africa

    17 February 2013

    Kestrels mostly hunt insects. Kestrellers mostly hunt for sightings of these intriguing little raptors. Some are resident in South Africa. Others are long-distance travellers.

  • Great trees of South Africa

    Great trees of South Africa

    12 February 2013

    Discover the great trees of South Africa as you travel, from the mighty baobabs in the north, to the giant yellowwoods in the south.

  • Cape Town and the Cape leopard

    Cape Town and the Cape leopard

    21 November 2012

    Ever seen a Cape leopard? Only a small group of people ever have. They’re mostly just photographed by camera traps. Good to know they’re conserved, though.