Volunteering, responsible tourism, helping schools. Responsible tourism and volunteering
Responsible tourism and volunteering

South Africa offers a wealth of voluntourism and responsible tourism programmes – the best of which are governed by standards to ensure valuable, worthwhile exchanges.

Volunteer projects in South Africa
Volunteer projects in South Africa

Voluntourism is an innovative and fun experienced-base way to enjoy a country like South Africa and discover its people at a grassroots level.

Marine volunteer projects
Marine volunteer projects

South Africa’s massive shark and dolphin populations, resident African penguins and annual whale visitors provide much work for enthusiastic marine volunteers.

HIV/AIDS Volunteering
HIV/AIDS Volunteering

Volunteering to work with HIV/AIDS patients can be emotionally and mentally challenging, but it can also be a profound and life-enhancing experience.

Voluntourists in South Africa. Tips for voluntourists to South Africa
Tips for voluntourists to South Africa

If you’re looking for tips on being a voluntourist to South Africa, the first and best tip is to ask questions. And find a reputable operator.

Birding and flora volunteer projects
Birding and flora volunteer projects

Bird and plant enthusiasts will enjoy opportunities to work with raptors and sea birds in South Africa, and to research its natural biodiversity.

Volunteers work on elephant conservation. Wildlife volunteer projects
Wildlife volunteer projects

There are dozens of opportunities to interact with wildlife on a volunteer basis in South Africa, including Big Five, endangered species and orphaned animal projects.

Volunteer teaching
Volunteer teaching

Education is one of South Africa’s of the biggest challenges, and there are plenty of eager minds waiting to absorb information willingly shared by edu-volunteers.

Horses and riders at the Kaapsehoop Horse Trails Volunteer Project. Kaapsehoop Horse Trails Volunteer Project, Mpumalanga
Kaapsehoop Horse Trails Volunteer Project, Mpumalanga

Stretch your horizons and saddle up. The Kaapsehoop Horse Trails Volunteer Project will change your life and the lives of the local community.

Beads, craftwork, rural Zulu women, Zulu beads, Zulu Gone Rural Safari Curios
Gone Rural Safari Curios

Gone Rural Safari Curios and owner Oscar Ncgobo are proof that bead projects can be used to uplift women in particular and rural communities in general.

Rietbron Handcraft, wirework, Eastern Cape Rietbron Wire Handcraft
Rietbron Wire Handcraft

Rietbron Handcrafts in the tiny Karoo town of Rietbron in the Eastern Cape produce wire art that is delicate yet strong, and all shiny with sequins, beads and metal thread.

Elizwe Ceramics, Cookhouse, Eastern Cape Elizwe Ceramics, Eastern Cape
Elizwe Ceramics, Eastern Cape

Elizwe Ceramics, located on a farm outside Cookhouse in the Eastern Cape, uses the art of working with clay to upskill unemployed people.

Augrabies lizard, endemic, Orange River, Broadley's flat lizard, flat lizard Augrabies flat lizards
Augrabies flat lizards

Even if you’re not into reptiles, you’ll find the Augrabies flat lizard quite fascinating. The advantage is they’re easy to see, and live in a startlingly beautiful place.

St Blaize Cave Pinnacle Point Caves, Mossel Bay
Pinnacle Point Caves, Mossel Bay

The Pinnacle Point Caves in Mossel Bay are historically important, but are also sites that can inform scientists on the effects of global warming.

A group of learners pay attention during a shark dissection. KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board
KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board

The KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board Maritime Centre of Excellence – the only organisation of its kind in the world – has protected the province’s bathers from shark attacks for 50 years.

Kestreling, lesser kestrel, hunting, kestrel, kestrelling Kestrelling in South Africa
Kestrelling in South Africa

Kestrels mostly hunt insects. Kestrellers mostly hunt for sightings of these intriguing little raptors. Some are resident in South Africa. Others are long-distance travellers.

A mighty baobab tree in the northern Kruger National Park. Great trees of South Africa
Great trees of South Africa

Discover the great trees of South Africa as you travel, from the mighty baobabs in the north, to the giant yellowwoods in the south.