Maloof Skate Plaza, Kimberley

On weekends the Maloof Skate Plaza in Kimberley throbs with skateboarders of all ages, particularly youngsters who come to learn how to skateboard or to hone their skills at this world-class facility. Since opening in 2011, it has attracted increasing numbers of skate enthusiasts from around the world. more

Kimberley to Upington – the 'missionary route'

Visit the area that once belonged to the original Griquas and famous missionaries that included Robert Moffat, John Campbell and David Livingstone, who later become one of the colonial era’s top explorers through Africa. Included on this route is the exotically named stop of Putsonderwater ('well without water'). more

The outlaw, Scotty Smith

One day he would steal a man’s horse, on another he would give money to a hard-pressed widow – or join in a posse in search of himself. That was Scotty Smith, a Kalahari crook with a great sense of humour and a love for the high road. more

Leliefontein to Kleinzee – the 'shipwreck and daisies route'

Some little towns in the mountains appear out of thick mist, other long-forgotten seaports give up their shipwrecks, while in the flower season everything takes on bright colours – that’s the essence of this Namaqua back-roads route, with a surprise and a local delight around every corner. more

Colesberg Walking Tour

When next you’re driving between the two major South African centres of Cape Town and Johannesburg, visit the historic halfway point: Colesberg. Its many attractions, which include a farm stay, a walking tour of the town and mountain bike trails, will keep the family entertained for at least a day or two. more

The Caracal Eco Route, Northern Cape

Those who have experienced the coastal section of the Caracal Eco Route say it is a firm rival experience to the legendary spring flowers that may pave your way (depending on the time of year). In or out of flower season, this 4x4 mountain-to-ocean route in Namaqualand is well worth doing if you enjoy adventure. more

Hantam Meat Festival

Whether you eat a smiley (roasted sheep’s head), participate in the local marathon or simply admire the kaleidoscope of wild flowers, a visit to the Calvinia Meat Festival offers unique epicurean opportunities and a small town experience second to none. more

The Diamond Coast

The Diamond Coast, which winds along the Northern Cape Province’s coast in South Africa, is the road less travelled and wonderfully romantic. Visitors can experience the allure that drew adventurers and fortune hunters to this area throughout history. more

Northern Cape highlights

The Northern Cape's fascinating lunar-like landscapes, ancient cultures and incredible national parks make this a must-visit province for anyone that loves the great outdoors and has a sense of adventure. Explore the evocative Kalahari Desert or marvel at the magical Namakwaland's daisies. more

Northern Cape

For a Northern Cape incentive experience with a difference, visit the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and discover the ancient ways of the bushmen as you learn how they survive in this harsh climate where food and water can be scarce commodities. more