Leopards are usually the most coveted of the Big Five sightings, in part because their nocturnal stealthy habits make them among the most difficult big cats to see. But what a find, if you do see it. They are the quintessence of feline beauty – stealthy, strong and secretive. more

Wildlife conservation safaris

Wildlife conservation safaris offer a fascinating behind-the-scenes insight into the life and work of wildlife veterinarians and park ecologists. Your safari helps to fund vital conservation work for individual species, and you’ll get an experience you’ll never forget. more

Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve, Mpumalanga

The Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve is renowned as a haven for the Big Five and for luxury game lodges of international standing. The reserve’s lush vegetation adjoins the Kruger National Park, and fences have been dropped. The wild animals cross back and forth, following ancient migration paths parallel to the Sabie River. more

Sun City Segway tours

There are three Segway gliding tours through the scenic surrounds of Sun City. See the Gary Player Country Club golf course, experience local wildlife or enjoy the magnificent Pilanesberg mountains from a unique vantage point. Had a secret desire to ride one of these futuristic machines? Well now's your chance! more

Boulders Beach penguins

The Boulders Beach penguins are about as famous as birds can be. They're also ever-more endangered. The birds, who draw crowds of visitors who can't resist their waddling ways, are under threat from loss of habitat, dwindling fish resources, and their human neighbours. more

Dolphin spotting in South Africa

Dolphins in South Africa’s waters are protected by some of the strongest cetacean conservation laws in the world. There are several species, but only three occur so close inshore that they are reliably seen. They include the famous bottlenose dolphin, the beautiful common dolphin, and the shy humpback dolphin. more


Wildebeest are usually seen in the wide-open grasslands or savannahs, and so are among the easiest beasts to spot in a game reserve or national park. Also called gnus, these are sociable animals that occur in substantial herds. South Africa has 2 species of wildebeest, and both have quite eccentric habits. more

SanWild Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Limpopo

SanWild Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, close to the northernmost gate of the Kruger National Park, is a wildlife rehab centre that cares for animals that are brought in injured or orphaned. Plans are afoot to enlarge this important conservation centre. more

Eland antelope

A full-grown eland antelope can weigh close to a ton. But young eland are staggeringly agile, able to leap high fences in a single bound. The eland’s importance to the San, or Bushmen people, is massive, and is reflected in their frequent depictions in rock art. more

Taita falcons

The Taita falcon is not the most elegant bird you’ll ever see. It definitely won’t be the easiest sighting either. These small turbo-charged raptors don’t fly slow enough to be easily watched, and their numbers are vanishingly small. But there is a place you might spot them – with help. more

Table Mountain Marine Protected Area

The Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area (MPA) is possibly the most dramatic seascape in the country. The marine park curves around the long, thin Cape Peninsula. The two great oceans – Indian and Atlantic – mingle their waters all along this coast, adding to the spectacular diversity of this region. more

Big Five safaris

Big Five safaris in South Africa are a must-do for anyone fascinated by wildlife. Big Five refers to buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard and rhino and the term comes from the animals considered most dangerous to hunt. Now the thrill comes from photographing them in their natural habitat. more

Dyer Island Cruises

Dyer Island Cruises, based in Gansbaai, is a highly respected and ethical company that offers whale watching in season and shark watching all year round. The company, certified by Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa, offers an extraordinary, informative experience that will enrich your understanding of the sea and its biodiversity. more

Bethelsdorp, Eastern Cape

When the village of Bethelsdorp near Port Elizabeth was first established in 1803, it was managed by two very driven men from the London Missionary Society, who found themselves acting as guardians, defending the resident Khoikhoi against the representatives of the colonial government and the labour-hungry Boer farmers of the area. more

The Lion Park, Johannesburg

The Lion Park in Lanseria, just outside Johannesburg, is a must-see experiences. Celebrities from all over the world can’t be wrong. Here you’re guaranteed sightings of magnificent lions, but they’re not the only attraction. There’s also the giraffe feeding station, and a chance to play with cubs. more