Turbine Hall, Johannesburg

What started out in the late 1920s as a power station has been transformed into a contemporary function venue known as Turbine Hall, run by the Forum Company. Located in Johannesburg’s Newtown Cultural Precinct, the building’s refurbishment included equipping it with modern conveniences while preserving its historical architecture. more

Art Deco architecture

Signs of Art Deco architecture are scattered across South Africa’s major cities like sand in a desert. Wander through most downtown areas and be delighted by stepped forms, chevron patterns and sweeping curves. In Johannesburg alone there are over 100 buildings in the style, many of them national monuments. more

Traditional African architecture

Nothing is more evocative of this continent than the vision of a cluster of African tribal huts baking in the blazing sun against a backdrop of scraggly thorn trees. In fact, many visitors to South Africa express their surprise at their arrival in gleaming cities filled with high-rise buildings. more

Design in South Africa

Design in South Africa is thriving and our artistic talents are expressed in many different ways – in our buildings, our furniture, the art we hang on our walls, our airports and our public spaces. We believe that design can make a difference and constantly seek innovation. more

South African architecture

Whether it’s the colonial splendour of Herbert Baker’s Union Buildings or the funky vibe of Johannesburg’s Arts on Main or the eclectic mix of design in Cape Town and Durban, South African urban architectural design has much to offer visitors. more

Jewellery Design

Jewellery design in South Africa is a sophisticated art. It reflects aesthetic trends and celebrates the country’s cultural and mineral riches. South African jewellery ranges from simple gold rings and leather bangles to elaborate diamond earrings. Designs are inspired by western as well as indigenous South African jewellery-making techniques and traditions. more