Eat Out DStv Food Network Produce Awards 2013

Since 2007 the authoritative foodie magazine and website, Eat Out, has recognised independent South African food producers at a ceremony sponsored by DStv Food Network. Whether it be a delicious new jam, organic yoghurt, rib-eye beef or organic herbs, the winners are a celebration of the best South African food producers have to offer. more

Gone Rural Safari Curios

Glass beads were first used as trading commodities centuries ago in intra-African trade. They are an integral part of Zulu and other African cultures. And via Gone Rural, they uplift 150 women who used them to make the most beautiful objects, from jewellery to coasters and beaded giraffes. more

The flower sellers of Adderley Street

The flower sellers of Adderley Street are as much a part of Cape Town as Table Mountain, good wine and fresh fish – for more than 150 years they have been selling their flowers from Trafalgar Place. more

Bryanston Organic Market, Johannesburg

If you haven't visited Bryanston Organic Market, you’ve missed one of Johannesburg’s most attractive shopping destinations. Paved walkways lined with scores of red-roofed stalls sell everything from organic produce to classy handmade clothes, leather goods, arts, crafts, jewellery, health products and much more. more

Kaross Embroidery Project

Kaross is a rural embroidery project in Limpopo's peaceful Letsitele Valley that helps create jobs and uplift the local community by combining the area's traditional arts and craft skills with modern marketing plans and design techniques to create a smorgasbord of home and fashion accessories. more

South Africa's curio shops

Whether you are on an organised tour, stopping in at a shopping mall, or at the airport getting ready to leave, browsing in one of South Africa’s curio shops will reward you with beautiful arts and crafts to buy as gifts or souvenirs. more

Strijdom Tunnel's curio sellers

Shop for handmade curios, arts and crafts at Limpopo's Strijdom Tunnel. The tunnel is at the top of the Abel Erasmus Pass, which takes you along the edge of the Blyde River Canyon. Stop to browse through the street market, take photographs and admire the spectacular view. more

Karoo windmill crafters

You’ll see them lining the N10 highway from Colesberg to Cradock in the Karoo. Their little roadside stalls are packed with spinning, silver-wheeled windmill replicas, the ultimate icon of South Africa’s dry heartland. They don’t cost much, they’re low maintenance and by buying one you’re helping to sustain a decades-old crafting tradition. more

St Lucia Arts & Crafts

The difference a craft project has made in people's lives in northern Kwazulu-Natal is nothing short of spectacular. The crafters now have access to goods like solar panels, cellphones and school uniforms for their children. Their incomes have increased tenfold  –  as has their families' quality of life. more

Umnini Craft Village

At the Umnini Craft Village in KwaZulu-Natal you'll find beautifully designed traditional Zulu beadwork necklaces, bracelets and headbands along with wire sculptures, woven grass mats, baskets and other locally made arts and crafts that are sold to sustain the local community. more