Bethulie War Trail

What was it like on commando as a Boer soldier during the South African War of 1899 to 1902? What was it like to stand up to the well-equipped soldiers of the British Empire? What happened in the concentration camps where Boer women and children were incarcerated? Follow the Bethulie War Trail to find out. more

Wild Flower Route

On the Northern Cape's Wild Flower Route, you can literally see flowering plants from horizon to horizon when weather conditions are right. From spreads of the legendary Namaqualand daisies to thousands of other floral species in every shape and colour, you need to experience this at least once in your lifetime. more

Wine Routes of South Africa

The wine routes of South Africa trace not only the history and development of our country’s 350-year-old wine-making tradition, but South Africa’s maturation into a full-bodied, flavourful democracy. The Cape winelands, and beyond, offer a multitude of wine routes to explore, along with brandy routes, wine biodiversity routes, and the world’s longest wine route. more

Karoo Highlands Tombstone Route

The Tombstone Route, which starts in Williston in the Northern Cape, teaches you about the life and work of a master stone-cutter called Cornelius de Waal, but also reveals the customs, legends and lifestyles of the early rural settlers who had to survive in a semi-desert. more