Turbine Hall, Johannesburg

What started out in the late 1920s as a power station has been transformed into a contemporary function venue known as Turbine Hall, run by the Forum Company. Located in Johannesburg’s Newtown Cultural Precinct, the building’s refurbishment included equipping it with modern conveniences while preserving its historical architecture. more

Little Foot

Little Foot’s skeleton is amongst the most exciting of South African fossil finds. Discovered in the fossil-rich Sterkfontein Caves, the almost-complete early hominid skeleton provides scientists with important insights into human evolution. more

Steam trains at Sandstone Estates, Free State

The Sandstone Estates’ steam trains make up a collection of locomotives that have been restored for the enjoyment of many steam lovers from all over the world. One of the aims of the restoration project is to establish South Africa as one of the world’s top steam train tourism destinations. more

Kirky the dinosaur

Kirky – officially named Nqwebausaurus thwazi – is one of the favourite dinosaur displays in the Stone Bones of the Ancient Karoo exhibition at Cape Town’s Iziko South African Museum. His fossilised remains were found in the Eastern Cape in 1996, and he is the first dinosaur to bear a Xhosa name. more

The Old Prison, Pietermaritzburg

Where hardened prisoners used to sit and make shoes, there is now a fashion school. Where once convicts had to take their meals in a courtyard, there is now a good restaurant. Project Gateway of Pietermaritzburg has turned city’s Old Prison into a cutting-edge venue for community benefit. more

Hondeklip Bay, Northern Cape

Hondeklip ('Dog Stone') Bay in the Northern Cape has had many incarnations, from being a humble trading store to a copper port, a crayfishing centre to a diamond diving hub. Today it’s happy to host long-distance tourists who love far-flung adventures and a plate of seafood on a distant beach. more

West Coast Fossil Park, Western Cape

The West Coast Fossil Park near Langebaan north of Cape Town has one of the world’s richest concentration of fossils dating back to the early Pliocene era five million years ago. Once sabre-toothed cats roamed this land, along with short-necked giraffes, four-tusked elephants and strange, three-toed horses. more

The outlaw, Scotty Smith

One day he would steal a man’s horse, on another he would give money to a hard-pressed widow – or join in a posse in search of himself. That was Scotty Smith, a Kalahari crook with a great sense of humour and a love for the high road. more

Historical Port St Johns

Favoured by old-time adventurers, explorers, modern-day Robinson Crusoes, backpackers and even a wandering hippo, Port St Johns is one of the top destinations along the Eastern Cape Wild Coast. In terms of interaction with the local community, Port St Johns stands out as one of the friendliest places in South Africa. more

Colesberg Walking Tour

When next you’re driving between the two major South African centres of Cape Town and Johannesburg, visit the historic halfway point: Colesberg. Its many attractions, which include a farm stay, a walking tour of the town and mountain bike trails, will keep the family entertained for at least a day or two. more

Water furrows of the Karoo

The gurgle of a Karoo water furrow in action is an unmistakeable sound that will immediately remind you of hot summer days and lounging on the wide porch with a lunch of lamb, cheese of origin and olives – and perhaps a glass of chilled white wine to top it all. more

Adler Museum of Medicine, Johannesburg

Count your modern medical blessings when you encounter historic medical memorabilia at the Adler Museum of Medicine. From bleeding and cupping equipment and a 19th century amputation set to electrical apparatus favoured by Queen Victoria to ease her rheumatism, this quirky museum provides a fascinating peek into our unhealthy past. more

Battlefields of South Africa

South Africa's battlefields mark the saga of our modern history. While there must have been many territorial disputes before 1652, most of South Africa's historic battlefields cover the period from when Dutch settlers first arrived to the end of the South African War in 1902. more

The Battle of Blaauwberg

Maybe it wasn’t much as grand old-time battles go, but the Battle of Blaauwberg, fought within sight of Cape Town’s Table Mountain in 1806, set the colonial power of Britain up in the Cape Colony for more than a century and ended the era of Dutch rule once and for all. more

The Horse Memorial, Port Elizabeth

The hardy horses of southern Africa – be they the pioneering boerperd, the sure-footed Basotho pony or the imported Arab blends – have a proud history. For adventure travellers who see the world from a saddle, and for history lovers, the horse riding routes of South Africa are top quality. more