Signal Restaurant, Cape Grace

Signal Restaurant at the Cape Grace draws on the many cultural influences that have shaped the Cape to deliver what can only be described as a truly South African menu. One of its foremost qualities, though, is its vegetarian tasting menu, which sets the bar high. more

Northern Cape food terroir

Whether you explore the ancient food culture of the Khomani San, or prop up the bar at the venerable Kimberley Club, the food terroir of the Northern Cape offers food fundis a platter of unique epicurean opportunities and delicious traditional dishes. more

Lucas Ndlovu

Chef Lucas Ndlovu’s innate talent and outgoing personality allowed him to break the mould in professional South African kitchens at a time when black staff were largely relegated to cleaning up after their white counterparts. In so doing, he has become a role model for young, aspirant chefs. more

Sydney Brenner

Sydney Brenner has produced some of the world’s most pioneering medical research. With a keen interest in genetics, Brenner was responsible for developing a new DNA sequencing technique and demonstrated the cause and effects of genetic mutations, research which contributed to him being awarded the 2002 Nobel Prize for Medicine. more

Gauteng food terroir

Gauteng’s food terroir reflects the awe-inspiring alimentary antiquity of the Cradle of Humankind and the frenetic economic activity of a modern business hub. From shabby chic dives, and authentic African eateries, to fine dining palaces in which to do deals, Gauteng is piled with perfect plates. more

KwaZulu-Natal food terroir

KwaZulu-Natal’s food terroir encompasses sugar cane fields, banana and pineapple plantations and sardine runs. A fusion of fertile soils and cultural diversity are the order of the day in a province where the best of Zulu, Indian, and European food genres combine to provide opportunities for delicious dining. more

Limpopo food terroir

Limpopo’s fertile soils bring forth a range of distinct and diverse ingredients, hospitality traditions, cooking methods and recipes. The essence of Limpopo’s foods is reflected in the history and culture of the cooks and the climatic and environmental conditions in which they stir their pots. more

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Humanitarian hero Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his continued struggle against the apartheid regime. After the abolition of apartheid, Nelson Mandela appointed the Archbishop as Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. more