Cape Malay Doopmal ceremony

Doopmal is a Cape Malay baby naming ceremony during which Muslim priests bless the child and family, the community gathers to feast on Kolwadjib rose water-infused rice cakes, and everyone congregates to congratulate the parents. more

South African food conservation

South African food conservation is more relevant now than any time in our country’s past. Conserving South Africa’s food resources, indigenous ingredients and traditional cooking methods is vital not only for future generations but also to ensure that travellers get a true taste of our land, seas, cultures and history. more

Western Cape food terroir

The food terroir of the Western Cape is heaven for adventurous eaters. In a province of abundant agricultural bounty, from the land and the sea, whether you feast on multi-course tasting menus in Franschhoek, or wolf down mouthfuls of umngqusho in Gugulethu, there is something to suit every mood, palate, and wallet. more

Cape Malay cooking safari, Cape Town

Ever tasted Cape Malay food? When South Africans talk about traditional foods, these are some of the flavours and influences they’re referring to. Masala, bobotie, Malay curry, roti – they’re part of the country’s distinctive ‘fusion cuisine’. The Cape Malay Cooking Safari with Andulela Experience tours introduces you to this … and more. more

The Sabie Valley Coffee Tour

When you’re in Mpumalanga, maybe en route to or from the Kruger National Park, then a stop at Sabie Valley Coffee just outside Hazyview is a must. The Sabie Valley Coffee Tour is fun, interesting and very informative. Taste superlative coffee and finish off with a slice of homemade chocolate cake. more

Shayona vegetarian restaurant, Johannesburg

Shayona vegetarian restaurant in Mayfair, Johannesburg, offers a unique vegetarian dining experience. Spicy Indian dishes sit side by side with traditional Italian pizzas and pastas that have been given an Indian slant. The resulting Indo-Italian menu means this vegetarian foodie experience is anything but boring. more

South African wine

South African wine and winelands are for wine-fundis, right? Wrong, they are for lovers of people, history, culture, fine food, adventure, natural beauty, nature, sport, music and more. Affordable, authentic, scenic and diverse, with an endless combination of attractions and activities, our winelands, like our wines, will keep you enthralled. more

Esther Mahlangu

When BMW asked Esther Mahlangu to decorate a so called BMW "art car" in traditional Ndebele design in 1999, she stepped into the league of Andy Warhol and David Hockney (world-renowned artists who created previous art cars for the company). She was the first woman artist to have been honoured as such. more

Discover Lejweleputswa

Lejweleputswa, Free State, is rich in gold deposits and lies at the heart of the province’s goldfields. But Lejweleputswa’s golden qualities extend above ground as well as a major maize and sunflower producer. Golden corn and sunflower fields stretch out to the horizon, making for picture perfect countryside rambles. more

Celebrations and ceremonies

Whether you observe the rites of the Rain Queen or rejoice in a Cape Malay baby’s birth with rosewater infused rice pudding, South African food celebrations and ceremonies are as emotionally satisfying as they are tasty. more

Little Gujarat vegetarian restaurant

Little Gujarat restaurant in Durban is one of the city’s best-kept secrets when it comes to traditional Indian food, prepared the Durban way. A popular, unpretentious local lunchtime spot, it caters for vegetarians, vegans and Jain vegetarians, who are spoilt for choice with the array of authentic dishes on offer. more

Chandani Indian and Vegetarian Restaurant, Cape Town

Chandani Indian and Vegetarian Restaurant has drawn on some Western influences in compiling its largely traditional Indian menu. With a strong slant towards vegetarianism, the menu offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, as well as the option to have food prepared without animal products, such as butter or cream. more

Signal Restaurant, Cape Grace

Signal Restaurant at the Cape Grace draws on the many cultural influences that have shaped the Cape to deliver what can only be described as a truly South African menu. One of its foremost qualities, though, is its vegetarian tasting menu, which sets the bar high. more

Northern Cape food terroir

Whether you explore the ancient food culture of the Khomani San, or prop up the bar at the venerable Kimberley Club, the food terroir of the Northern Cape offers food fundis a platter of unique epicurean opportunities and delicious traditional dishes. more

Sydney Brenner

Sydney Brenner has produced some of the world’s most pioneering medical research. With a keen interest in genetics, Brenner was responsible for developing a new DNA sequencing technique and demonstrated the cause and effects of genetic mutations, research which contributed to him being awarded the 2002 Nobel Prize for Medicine. more