AmaZink township theatre, Kayamandi, Stellenbosch

AmaZink is a township dinner/theatre experience that takes place in Kayamandi, on the outskirts of Stellenbosch, every Friday night between October and March (in 2013/14 it was celebrating its third season). more

Green Mango, Durban

The food at Durban's Green Mango restaurant is fresh and healthy, and the extensive menu embraces the local flavours of fruits and veggies in season. The atmosphere is laid-back, so enjoying a languid meal in this pulsating urban scenario is something of a balm for the soul. more

Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian Restaurant is a key attraction at the Hare Krishna Temple of Understanding in Durban. The restaurant specialises in vegetarian Indian cuisine, which ranges from complete dishes like curries and biryanis to tasty Indian snacks such as rotis and samoosas. All meals can be enjoyed as sit-down or takeaway. more

Jain dining in South Africa

Jain vegetarian restaurants in South Africa cater to the needs of Jainism, an Indian religion that follows a path of non-violence to all living creatures. As a result, Jain travellers have strict rules for their personal diets, and menus must adhere to these restrictions. more

Asian-style restaurants in South Africa

Whether you're in the mood for Chinese, Japanese, Thai or a touch of Indonesian, there's something for every palate using the best of local produce and traditional Asian recipes. You might also want to try uniquely South African flavours with roots in the East, namely Cape Malay cuisine developed in Cape Town; or Indian cuisine found in places like Durban in KwaZulu-Natal and Fordsburg in Gauteng. more

Great places to enjoy a hamburger

If hunting down a great hamburger is part of your holiday itinerary, the eateries in South Africa certainly won't disappoint. From designer gourmet burgers to fast-food with flair, we are a meat-loving nation and as a result know how to serve up a mean hamburger with all the trimmings. Our restaurants also cater for special dietary needs so you will find Halaal burgers and vegetarian burgers at choice restaurants. more

District Six Eatery, Emmerentia, Johannesburg

Dining at the colourful District Six Eatery in the Johannesburg suburb of Emmarentia is not unlike eating at the kitchen table of a family home. Here you'll find spicy comfort food, brightly coloured decor and a carnival atmosphere that will make you long for the Cape, even if you've never been there. more

Culinary cool

South African culinary cool is found in the most arresting of settings. Imaginative restaurant owners are bringing colour to the dining scene, matching extraordinary locations with themed décor and artistic food combinations. As for the chefs, they are becoming rock stars in their own right. more

Eat Out DStv Food Network Produce Awards 2013

Since 2007 the authoritative foodie magazine and website, Eat Out, has recognised independent South African food producers at a ceremony sponsored by DStv Food Network. Whether it be a delicious new jam, organic yoghurt, rib-eye beef or organic herbs, the winners are a celebration of the best South African food producers have to offer. more

Fresh at Paul Cluver, Elgin, Western Cape

Fresh, the award-winning country restaurant on the Paul Cluver wine estate in Elgin, 70km from Cape Town, concentrates on organic ingredients, grown on the estate itself or on nearby farms. Enjoy the sociability of a meal prepared in an open kitchen, eaten at communal trestle tables. Who knows, you may make new friends! more

Freedom Café, Durban

Durban's Freedom Café is one of the funkiest places to eat out in this port city. It is a boutique restaurant set inside a fire-engine red shipping container, and offers tasty dishes inspired by the continent of Africa. Oh, and the venue is dog friendly. more

Microbreweries in South Africa

Even though the popular Mitchell’s Brewery opened in Knysna as far back 1983, almost a full decade would pass before the country's legions of hidden craft-beer brewers would emerge from their garages, open brew pubs and microbreweries, and invite the public to taste their artisan brews. more

9th Avenue Bistro, Durban

9th Avenue Bistro, which opened in 2001, has an excellent reputation for delicious light meals that are inventive yet honour classical cooking traditions. Menus are reinvented to match the season in an atmosphere that is sophisticated yet laid-back, in true Durban style. more

Chain restaurants offering vegetarian options

Chain restaurants offering vegetarian options have grown in South Africa in recent years. From traditional and health-oriented fast food outlets to sit down eateries, vegetarian dishes have increasingly made their way onto these menus. As a result, vegetarians have much more choice, no matter where they find themselves in the country. more

Cape Malay Merang ceremony

Merang is a Cape Malay celebration focused on food. Whether you savour the Penslawar or salivate over the sweet potato and coconut pudding, a Cape Malay Merang meal is a delicious slice of community history. more