Steam trains at Sandstone Estates, Free State

The Sandstone Estates’ steam trains make up a collection of locomotives that have been restored for the enjoyment of many steam lovers from all over the world. One of the aims of the restoration project is to establish South Africa as one of the world’s top steam train tourism destinations. more

Andulela Tours, Cape Town

Andulela Tours in Cape Town offer an insider’s view on this colourful city. Learn how to make a real Cape Malay curry, head off to little-known smoky jazz clubs, meet poets, hairdressers and botany guides. You can also learn how to bead and dive with seals. Your choice. more

Moja Heritage Collection

There are times when one yearns for a surefooted guide to a country, especially one as multi-layered as South Africa. Moja Heritage Collection combines South Africa’s cultural attractions with natural destinations and historical interest, a tourism guide all beautifully packaged in print and on an easy-to-use website. more

Water furrows of the Karoo

The gurgle of a Karoo water furrow in action is an unmistakeable sound that will immediately remind you of hot summer days and lounging on the wide porch with a lunch of lamb, cheese of origin and olives – and perhaps a glass of chilled white wine to top it all. more

The Nizamiye Turkish Masjid, Midrand

The Nizamiye Turkish Masjid in Midrand has fast become a visitors’ attraction. With its awe-inspiring dome and soaring minarets, the mosque – the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere – is a sight to behold. Lose yourself in its richly ornamented spaces that speak of traditional Turkey. more

The Bo-Kaap Museum

Cape Town’s Bo-Kaap Museum, set in the colourful neighbourhood of Bo-Kaap just outside the city centre, is the place to find out about the resident Islamic community, its history and culture. After your visit, take a walk along the cobbled streets and discover more. more

Cape Malay Merang ceremony

Merang is a Cape Malay celebration focused on food. Whether you savour the Penslawar or salivate over the sweet potato and coconut pudding, a Cape Malay Merang meal is a delicious slice of community history. more

Cape Malay Doopmal ceremony

Doopmal is a Cape Malay baby naming ceremony during which Muslim priests bless the child and family, the community gathers to feast on Kolwadjib rose water-infused rice cakes, and everyone congregates to congratulate the parents. more

The storytellers of Prince Albert

Everyone loves a good story, and when they visit Prince Albert, the little Karoo town at the foot of the Swartberg mountains, that’s what they get. Prince Albert is rich in stories, and the locals, who are good raconteurs and experts in their fields, are well prepared to tell them. more

De Stijl Gariep Hotel, Free State

Remaining faithful to its design ethos of primary colours and straight lines, the popular De Stijl Gariep Hotel is one of the Karoo’s most unusual accommodation establishments. Fashioned on the De Stijl artistic movement around between 1917 and 1931, it stands isolated in a vast and ancient land. more

The flower sellers of Adderley Street

The flower sellers of Adderley Street are as much a part of Cape Town as Table Mountain, good wine and fresh fish – for more than 150 years they have been selling their flowers from Trafalgar Place. more

Calabash Tours

Calabash Tours will expose you to the real Port Elizabeth. You’ll see the historic city itself, the townships and the memorials. You’ll meet real people and experience the convivial atmosphere of shebeens in the evening. Port Elizabeth’s struggle against apartheid has left it with a fascinating past and present. more

Cultural villages

South African cultural villages either celebrate the ethnic diversity of the country or focus on the traditions of a specific group. At these cultural villages of South Africa you will get a greater understanding of its people through tours, singing and dancing, storytelling and a traditional meal at fireside. more

Comedy in South Africa

South African comedy took on a new life after the heavy cloak of apartheid oppression lifted in 1994, creating a multitude of diverse comedic personalities, styles and lingoes. Comedy in South Africa is now in hot demand, filling out venues and putting the country’s comedy acts on an international level. more

Celebrations and ceremonies

Whether you observe the rites of the Rain Queen or rejoice in a Cape Malay baby’s birth with rosewater infused rice pudding, South African food celebrations and ceremonies are as emotionally satisfying as they are tasty. more