Jewellery Design

Jewellery design in South Africa is a sophisticated art. It reflects aesthetic trends and celebrates the country’s cultural and mineral riches. South African jewellery ranges from simple gold rings and leather bangles to elaborate diamond earrings. Designs are inspired by western as well as indigenous South African jewellery-making techniques and traditions. more

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance in South Africa demonstrates Africa's primal energy, drawing on ancient rhythms that have vibrated here since the beginning of humankind as we know it. With its finger firmly on the pulse of these rhythms, South Africa offers timeless expressions of contemporary dance. more

Didima Gorge, Drakensberg

Didima Gorge presents a fascinating conundrum. The death of the last Drakensberg Bushman, shot shortly before 1903, was the last survivor of a peaceful and graceful culture. Around his waist he had horns containing all the San art pigments. Was he one of the world's great annonymous artists? more

The Swazi people

Many of the traditions of the Swazi people remain unchanged. Ruled by one of the only remaining monarchs in Africa, they revere their ways which stretch back to their founding king, Ngwane II. Ceremonies are an integral part of Swazi culture, especially the reed dance and first fruit ceremony. more


Besides providing access to reading materials and serving as resource centres for schools and tertiary education, South African libraries are custodians of South African knowledge, and essential in preserving the history and identity of the nation. Discover rare collections of books from around the country, as well as periodicals, newspapers and Africana. more

Xhosa pipes

Xhosa pipes, made from wood, adorned with elaborate beadwork and presented in a number of shapes and sizes, are a fixture of the Xhosa culture and Eastern Cape landscape. There’s nothing that says ‘Wild Coast’ as much as a gaggle of senior matrons puffing away at their pipes and sharing the day’s news. more

Alexandra Township

Once known as the Dark City because it had no electricity, Alexandra, or Alex, as most locals call the informal community that sprawls between the posh suburbs of Sandton and the flank of the N3 highway. more

JRR Tolkien

Writer JRR Tolkien might have only spent three years in Bloemfontein, but South Africa is proud that the author of 'The Lord of the Rings' was born in the capital city of what is now the Free State province. His father's grave can be found in Bloemfontein’s cemetery. more

Coffeebeans Routes

Coffeebeans Routes shows you Cape Town's fringe, the real, interesting people who make up the heart of its vibey arts, culture and music scene. Tour with Coffeebeans Routes and experience the rhythms of hip-hop, reggae and jazz that resonate boldly from almost every Cape Town township and inner-city community. more