Arniston, Western Cape

You'll find photographs of the picturesque fishing village of Arniston adorning many travel posters and brochures. Situated on the Western Cape’s Indian Ocean coast, its incredibly brilliant blue seas and long stretches of white dunes are irresistible to local and international holiday makers. more

Chrissiesmeer, Mpumalanga

Chrissiesmeer, in the heart of Mpumalanga's’s lake district, is surrounded by 270 lakes and pans brimming with birds, butterflies and frogs. There’s even an annual frogging festival which keeps everyone on their toes. It’s full of history too, from Anglo-Boer War battles to poignant graves of lost lovers. more

Die Tuishuise, Cradock

Transforming a street of dilapidated old houses to their former Victorian glory wasn’t easy – and maintaining them even more of a challenge. Sandra Antrobus and her tuishuise ('town houses') in Cradock have become national treasures – and a prime stop-over in the Eastern Cape's Karoo. more

Mandela Park

Hout Bay is one of the Cape Peninsula’s most beautiful seaside assets, a traditional playground for the rich and the retired. Now there’s a new, exciting group of people living there, staking their claim to a piece of paradise. They’re the residents of the Mandela Park in Imizamo Yethu. more

Credo Mutwa Cultural Village

The Credo Mutwa Cultural Village is located in the heart of Soweto. It consists of a remarkable collection of buildings and sculptures, which attempt to document African art, culture, folklore and architecture. The village is also a journey into the mind of one of South Africa’s most intriguing cultural figures. more

George Pemba

George Pemba (1912-2001), teacher, clerk and shopkeeper, and throughout a revolutionary South African art hero. When he died in 2001, he was revered for his exceptional contribution to South African art.  more

Sudwala Caves Cultural Village

While the caves invite you to discover the history of the earth itself, the village invites you to discover Nguni history, art and culture. Look out for beadwork, clay pots, woven items, woodcarvings and ceremonial artefacts of the Zulu and the Swazi; and the Ndebele people. more

DumaZulu Cultural Village

At DumaZulu Cultural Village, visitors are invited to experience authentic hospitality and learn about traditional arts, crafts and ways of life of the Zulu Kingdom. Experience the beat of the Zulu drums, taste the locally brewed beer and discover the rich cultural significance of Zululand’s famous beadwork, basketry, pottery and weaving. more

Design in South Africa

Design in South Africa is thriving and our artistic talents are expressed in many different ways – in our buildings, our furniture, the art we hang on our walls, our airports and our public spaces. We believe that design can make a difference and constantly seek innovation. more

South African architecture

Whether it’s the colonial splendour of Herbert Baker’s Union Buildings or the funky vibe of Johannesburg’s Arts on Main or the eclectic mix of design in Cape Town and Durban, South African urban architectural design has much to offer visitors. more

Jewellery Design

Jewellery design in South Africa is a sophisticated art. It reflects aesthetic trends and celebrates the country’s cultural and mineral riches. South African jewellery ranges from simple gold rings and leather bangles to elaborate diamond earrings. Designs are inspired by western as well as indigenous South African jewellery-making techniques and traditions. more

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance in South Africa demonstrates Africa's primal energy, drawing on ancient rhythms that have vibrated here since the beginning of humankind as we know it. With its finger firmly on the pulse of these rhythms, South Africa offers timeless expressions of contemporary dance. more

Didima Gorge, Drakensberg

Didima Gorge presents a fascinating conundrum. The death of the last Drakensberg Bushman, shot shortly before 1903, was the last survivor of a peaceful and graceful culture. Around his waist he had horns containing all the San art pigments. Was he one of the world's great annonymous artists? more

The Swazi people

Many of the traditions of the Swazi people remain unchanged. Ruled by one of the only remaining monarchs in Africa, they revere their ways which stretch back to their founding king, Ngwane II. Ceremonies are an integral part of Swazi culture, especially the reed dance and first fruit ceremony. more


Besides providing access to reading materials and serving as resource centres for schools and tertiary education, South African libraries are custodians of South African knowledge, and essential in preserving the history and identity of the nation. Discover rare collections of books from around the country, as well as periodicals, newspapers and Africana. more