Dolphin spotting in South Africa

Dolphins in South Africa’s waters are protected by some of the strongest cetacean conservation laws in the world. There are several species, but only three occur so close inshore that they are reliably seen. They include the famous bottlenose dolphin, the beautiful common dolphin, and the shy humpback dolphin. more

Southern right whale conservation

Southern right whales were so-called because they were the ‘right’ ones to hunt. Their tendency to move slowly and live near the surface also makes them perfect for whale-watching, either boat-based or from the shore. Every year thousands swim up from Antarctica to enjoy the spa-like conditions of the southern Cape. more

Table Mountain Marine Protected Area

The Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area (MPA) is possibly the most dramatic seascape in the country. The marine park curves around the long, thin Cape Peninsula. The two great oceans – Indian and Atlantic – mingle their waters all along this coast, adding to the spectacular diversity of this region. more