Ancient Mapungubwe

South African history goes further back than you think. Around the time of the Dark Ages of Europe, the royal court at Mapungubwe in Limpopo, was welcoming traders and men of influence from Arabia and the Far East. But it’s only in recent decades that the fascinating detail of this ancient city have been uncovered. more

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum

If you want to discover the rich and vibrant South African culture and how it has evolved over time, a trip to the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum in the Eastern Cape is definitely an eye-opening experience. more

Robben Island

As you make your way through the corridors of Robben Island, you get transported to a time in South African history where the country reached a turning point. Standing in the jail cell that housed Nelson Mandela for so many years brings to heart the emotional story of the South African struggle for democracy and equality. more

Bloemfontein – City of Roses

When you’re in the Free State, or on the road from Cape Town to Joburg, you absolutely have to make a stop in Bloemfontein. With awesome museums, a great zoo, a casino, amazing architecture and a city completely encircled by a nature reserve, it’s a fantastic South African city experience. more

Florida Road, Durban

The buzz in Florida road starts in the early morning when the sidewalk cafes on Florida Road in Durban form the meeting point for friends, colleagues and shoppers alike. The energy continues throughout the day and well into the night, when the street’s clubs and bars come to life, earning Florida Road its reputation as one of Durban’s top night spots. more

Long Street, Cape Town

If you’re looking for a book, a party, a delicious dinner or simply a long afternoon spent at an exotic bar watching Cape Town pass you by, then you need to be on Long Street, a place where music, food and fun is serious business. more

Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg

Welcome to the modern and cultural heart of South Africa’s largest city. Home to Arts on Main, Main Street Life, 12 Decades Hotel, Revolution House, The Main Change, Fox Street Studios and more. The Maboneng Precinct is a new haven of creativity and commerce in Johannesburg, the City of Gold. more

Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth (PE) is not only home to stunning beaches, interesting museums and award-winning wildlife destinations, but also some of the friendliest people in the country. It’s no surprise to visitors that it’s called the “Friendly City”. more


The township of Soweto to the south-west of Johannesburg has transformed from a legacy of the apartheid era to a vibrant, energetic hub which will ignite your senses and immerse you in true South African culture. Soweto is significant for its role in the struggle against apartheid, so you can expect to find lots of historical sights. The easiest way to see it all is on an official township tour. more

Adventures in Clarens

Sometimes it’s not enough to just soak up awesome scenery, you want to immerse yourself in it, to be able to feel a part of it. In the Free State Province, near a little town called Clarens, you can do exactly this. Whether it’s feeling the rush of the rapids with some white-river rafting or hiking up incredible mountains, there are plenty of adventures to have in this scenic corner of South Africa. more

The Bloukrans Bungee

One, two, bungee! When you’re about to leap off the Bloukrans Bridge, you’re about to safely plunge 216m into the gorge below. As far as adrenalin rushes go, you don’t get much better than this. And the beautiful surrounds don’t hurt either. more

Off-road adventures in the Northern Cape

Are you one of those adventurers who likes to tackle the road less travelled? The wide open landscapes of the Northern Cape province are perfect for off-road and 4x4 adventurers wanting to test their driving skills across its mountainous terrain, deep ditches and dramatic dunes. more

Oribi Gorge adventures

Oribi Gorge is as famous for its dramatic scenery as it is for its exhilarating wilderness activities. If you’re in KwaZulu-Natal and you’re not only craving adventure, but all the beautiful scenery that comes with it too, then you need to go to Oribi Gorge. Forget the Big Five, here you can push yourself to the limits with South Africa’s Wild Five. more

Orland Towers, Soweto

The Orlando Towers bungee in Soweto adds a whole new dimension to sightseeing in this famous Johannesburg township. Bridging the gap between adventure and township tourism, you can enjoy one of Johannesburg’s most vibrant landmarks like never before. With 100m drop to the ground, bungee jump, swing or free fall your way to the bottom. more

Paragliding in Hermanus

Picture it: not only are you in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, deep in the heart of whale county, but you’re also soaring through the air, getting a front-row seat to the magic. Head to Hermanus and this could be you. more