James Kitching: fossil hunter of the Karoo

Not only did James Kitching find thousands of important pre-dinosaur fossils from more than 250-million years ago, but he also helped prove the theory of continental drift: that southern Africa was once part of a much larger land mass that included Antarctica, parts of the Americas and Australia. more

Thomas Bain

The multi-talented Thomas Bain was one of the shining stars of Victorian-era South Africa. Not only did he supervise the building of a score of Cape mountain passes, but his passions spread to botany, archaeology, art, water research, administering the law and raising a large, happy family. more

Sydney Brenner

Sydney Brenner has produced some of the world’s most pioneering medical research. With a keen interest in genetics, Brenner was responsible for developing a new DNA sequencing technique and demonstrated the cause and effects of genetic mutations, research which contributed to him being awarded the 2002 Nobel Prize for Medicine. more

Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth is as renowned for his entrepreneurial vision and IT innovations as he is for his social efforts, most notably to uplift South African education on a big scale. His unwavering determination to travel into space also saw him become the world’s second self-funded private citizen to travel into orbit. more