Land art in South Africa

Site-specific land art is different to anything you’ll find in a gallery in South Africa. Created by artists at locations around the country, it is inspired by South Africa’s beautiful and diverse environments. In most cases, the art is made using materials from nature. It is not always permanent and is designed to interact with the landscape and the people who experience it. more

Honeymoons in Limpopo

A honeymoon in Limpopo is anything but dull – the landscape’s diversity leaves newlyweds spoilt for choice. Bush honeymoons are a favourite, while explorations of the lush wetlands are perfect for birders. And then there are the province’s myths and legends, which will leave you more than just a little intrigued. more

Honeymoons in Mpumalanga

A honeymoon in Mpumalanga can be quite an adventurous affair. There are mountains, forests, rivers and waterfalls to explore, one-horse towns steeped in history to discover, and a collection of some the world’s most famous game reserves to enjoy. And that’s not to mention the abundance of romantic retreats on offer. more

Honeymoons in South Africa

A honeymoon in South Africa means one thing: Romance with a capital ‘R’. Whether you like the glamour of exploring the urban epicentres, heading out towards the bushveld, making your way through the mountains and valleys or just hanging out on the beach – South Africa is an ideal honeymoon destination. more

Honeymoons in the bush

A honeymoon in the bush will never be forgotten, be it in one or more of South Africa’s many national parks, or at a luxurious private game lodge (or both!) There's also the option of a coastal bush destination, which adds creatures like whales and sharks to the experience. more

Shaun Tomson

Surfer Shaun Tomson is one of South Africa's finest sporting heroes. After winning the IPS World Championship in 1977 he went on to become one of the most influential surfers of his time. He is also an environmentalist and successful businessman as well as an author and sought-after motivational speaker. more

The Panorama Route, Mpumalanga

On the Panorama Route in Mpumalanga, with its breathtaking vistas around every mountain corner, waterfalls plunging down faces of sheer rock, memories of the gold rush following you as you meander down an endless river canyon, and eagles hovering above your head – you can't help walking with your head in the clouds. more

Beer tour of KwaZulu-Natal

Visit a state-of-the-art brewery and a number of family-owned establishments, and enjoy a range of beers like you've never tasted before, from ales, lagers and stouts to pineapple beer and Pie-Eyed Possum Pilsner. more

Beefcakes burger bars, Cape Town and Johannesburg

Beefcakes Burger Bar and Restaurant, which has branches in Cape Town and Johannesburg, offers a fabulous meaty menu (some of the best burgers around), plus a cheeky sense of style. Everything is OTT (over the top), from the menu to the décor to the waitrons and it's all about fabulous fun (and great food). more


Giraffes are found in most of South Africa’s game reserves outside of the relatively treeless Karoo. They’re not rare or endangered but they are fascinating, and not only because of their height. They have no hierarchy, they have inordinately long tongues and their babies drop two metres when born. more

Andulela Tours, Cape Town

Andulela Tours in Cape Town offer an insider’s view on this colourful city. Learn how to make a real Cape Malay curry, head off to little-known smoky jazz clubs, meet poets, hairdressers and botany guides. You can also learn how to bead and dive with seals. Your choice. more

Gondwana Game Reserve

Find the malaria-free Gondwana Game Reserve on the flanks of the magnificent Outeniqua mountains not far from Mossel Bay on the famous Garden Route. Spot the Big Five plus Cape mountain zebra, and much more among the fynbos – the Western Cape’s unique floral kingdom. more

God’s Window, Mpumalanga

No brochure, website or travel magazine will prepare you for the spectacular view from God’s Window, one of the most scenic vantage points in South Africa, situated along the Panorama Route in the Mpumalanga province. more

Yvonne Chaka Chaka

Yvonne Chaka Chaka is an acclaimed singer-songwriter whose music has found favour across the African continent. Using her position in society as a platform for change, Chaka Chaka is also a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Roll Back Malaria Partnership and United Nations Children’s Fund Goodwill Ambassador for malaria in Africa. more

The Lisbon Falls, Mpumalanga

No visit to Mpumalanga is complete without visiting some of its lovely waterfalls. On the famous Panorama Route you'll find more falls clustered in a small area than anywhere else in southern Africa. Lisbon Falls is one of Mpumalanga's most dramatic waterfalls. more