Little Five safari

If you go on a Little Five safari, you probably won’t see any kills and none of the beasts will charge you. But you will learn that it’s not only the Big Five that are fascinating. It’s also leopard tortoise, buffalo weaver, rhino beetle, elephant shrew and ant lion. more

Steam trains at Sandstone Estates, Free State

The Sandstone Estates’ steam trains make up a collection of locomotives that have been restored for the enjoyment of many steam lovers from all over the world. One of the aims of the restoration project is to establish South Africa as one of the world’s top steam train tourism destinations. more


Sandgrouse are desert birds, well adapted to life in the desert. But because they eat dry seeds, they desperately need regular access to fresh water. The chicks are particularly vulnerable. However, male sandgrouse have a solution - bringing back water every day in their belly feathers. more

Kori bustards

Kori bustards are said to be the largest flying birds in the world. You’ll often see them in the Kalahari or the Karoo – they prefer semi-arid areas (though you may well see them in places like the Kruger National Park too). So large are they that smaller birds sometimes ride on their backs. more

Kimberley Africana Library

The Kimberley Africana Library houses one of the finest collections of Africana in South Africa. It specialises in the history of the diamond fields from the early 1870s, the history of Kimberley and the Northern Cape and the South African War, also known as the Anglo-Boer War. more

Icamagu Institute, Eastern Cape

When you visit the Icamagu Institute in the Eastern Cape, prepare to meet a woman who is not only an academic but a diviner, an author and an African spiritualist as well. And be prepared to come away with an armful of coral trees and African medicinal plants. more

Karroo Theatrical Hotel, Steytlerville, Eastern Cape

Steytlerville in the Karoo used to be mainly famous for its superb mohair. Now there’s a revamped old hotel just outside the town that’s causing a stir and bringing in guests from all over the world with its weekend cabaret acts and general Art Deco mien. Welcome to the Karroo Theatrical Hotel! more

Honeymoons in the Northern Cape

The Northern Cape offers much to honeymooners. There’s the beauty and vastness of the Karoo, the intriguing arid landscape of the Richtersveld and the riveting eco-destination, the Augrabies Falls National Park, to explore, among many other options. more

Honeymoons in the North West province

A honeymoon in the North West province offers contrasting experiences. In game sanctuaries such as the Pilanesberg or Madikwe game reserves, nature’s marvels are the attraction. At the Hartbeespoort Dam and Sun City, the human propensity to entertain is seen in creative recreational amenities. Or combine the two for the best of both worlds. more

Honeymoons in the city

A city honeymoon in South Africa means top international hotels, world-class communications, easy access to sightseeing, and great shopping, dining and entertainment. It also gives you the chance to experience Africa in new ways, with its heady combination of culture and urban vibes. more

James Kitching: fossil hunter of the Karoo

Not only did James Kitching find thousands of important pre-dinosaur fossils from more than 250-million years ago, but he also helped prove the theory of continental drift: that southern Africa was once part of a much larger land mass that included Antarctica, parts of the Americas and Australia. more

Kirky the dinosaur

Kirky – officially named Nqwebausaurus thwazi – is one of the favourite dinosaur displays in the Stone Bones of the Ancient Karoo exhibition at Cape Town’s Iziko South African Museum. His fossilised remains were found in the Eastern Cape in 1996, and he is the first dinosaur to bear a Xhosa name. more

Karoo National Park

The Karoo National Park is a convenient stopover for those heading along the N1 between Johannesburg and Cape Town. But it is addictive. The silence and the far horizons clear your head. Then you start noticing the little creatures all about you, and the eagles that soar above. more

Honeymoons in the Free State

A honeymoon in the Free State will be filled with the charm that comes with visiting rural towns. Think quaint village stores, friendly faces, farmers’ markets and home-industry stores bursting with traditional treats. The Free State offers all this, plus a diverse landscape that varies from ancient sandstone cliffs to pastoral panoramas. more

Honeymoons in KwaZulu-Natal

KwaZulu-Natal honeymoons go way beyond the all-year-round sun, sea and sand category. The Drakensberg, the Midlands and the Elephant Coast add scenery, country life and game viewing to the province’s extensive offering. But if it is the beaches you want, there are masses of them along this strip of Indian Ocean. more