Trevor Rabin made a name for himself in the hugely popular South African band Rabbitt, before gaining international recognition as a songwriter and guitarist for UK band Yes. He went on to become a highly respected film composer, and has since composed the soundtracks for more than 30 films.

Did you know?

Trevor Rabin has scored 10 films for Jerry Bruckheimer, which netted over $2.4-billion in ticket sales.

Trevor Rabin has music in his blood. With a professional violinist father who performed with the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra and an accomplished classical pianist mother, it was inevitable he would pursue a musical career of his own.

Following his parents’ classical music lead, Rabin started playing piano at age six. By 12 he’d discovered the guitar, and at just 13 he had joined his first band. Not long after that he established his own band, Conglomeration, which quickly earned itself a reputation as one of the best bands in Johannesburg.

At 17 he was one of the most sought-after session guitarists in the country, and soon after began flexing his production skills alongside such greats as Mutt Lange.

Rabin recruited his former Conglomeration bandmates and established the band, Rabbitt. Rabbitt would go on to become one of the most successful rock acts to emerge from South Africa, with its first album going gold faster than any other record in South African music history.

Rabin thereafter relocated to London where he produced acts such as Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and released three solo albums. Not long after that he joined the reformed progressive British rock band, Yes, penning the songs Owner of a Lonely Heart and Cinema on the album 90125. The album was the biggest of the band’s career, with the former track making it to number one in many markets and the latter earning the group a Grammy Award.

After leaving the band, Rabin was offered a film score, and so opened a new door in his musical career. As a film composer, he has composed soundtracks for more than 30 films, including mega-budget Hollywood movies starring big names such as Will Smith, Nicholas Cage, Denzel Washington and Samuel L Jackson.

Rabin has received a number of awards throughout his career, including 11 BMI Film and TV Awards, a Grammy Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award (LA Music Award), a Career Achievement Award (Temecula International Film Festival), and a Gold Medal for Excellence in Film Music Award (Park City Film Festival).