There is no more need to watch with envy as surfers cut through the waves in front of you on the beach. Head on to surf school in South Africa and in as little as one day you can be getting out there into the breakers and learning to surf.

Did you know?

Contrary to popular belief, surfing most probably originated in Polynesia and not Hawaii


Surfing has fascinated land-lubbers since it was first encountered by Western travellers back in the 1700s. No-one is too sure how it all started, but by the time European explorers reached the South Seal islands, surfing was well-established as an important custom in Polynesia, Hawaii and other islands.

In much the same way, no-one is too sure how or when South African surfing started, but we do know that by the 1930's there was an established surfing culture in Durban that rapidly began to spread.

With plenty of beaches and surf of varying intensities, surfing in South Africa is ideal for you to learn this ancient and zen-like sport. There are sites with small waves and gentle breaks for beginners and everything from there right up to 40-foot monsters off Hout Bay at The Crayfish Factory and Jeffrey's Bay's world-renowned waves attracting professionals from across the world.

In response to the eternal fascination with the sport, several surf schools have been established in coastal towns where enthusiasts can try their hand. You will need to be able to swim (of course!) and possess a degree of fitness. The balancing takes some mastering and until you do that, there is a lot of paddling and swimming involved in learning to surf.

But most of the schools have come up with a great method to get you actually standing on a board before the end of one day. Your teachers will drill you first on land on the correct technique for getting to your feet on a board as well as sharing the secrets of paddling, ducking waves, reading the ocean, catching waves and getting control of your body on a board.

While surfing acolytes like to extol the virtues of the sport as almost a beautific meditation, the truth is that most people could actually learn to surf given the opportunity and there are plenty of those on hand here in South Africa.

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Who to contact

SMS hotline: +27 (0)83 414 0567

Surf Emporium
Muizenberg, Cape Town
Tel: +27 (0)21 788 8687
Mobile: +27 (0)82 562 8687/(0)725860905

How to get here

Surf schools are easily accessible by car or taxi

Best time to visit

All you need is a wetsuit and you can surf all-year.

What will it cost

Surf School costs differ according to length of course and location. Consult your school for details

Length of stay

How long you take to learn to surf is up to you!

What to pack

Your school will provide boards and other neccessary equipment. Take your swimming things, sun block and towels.

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