Set in the mountains of Magoebaskloof, Wegraakbosch Farm makes a delicious range of organic cheeses. Visit this charming farm and take a dairy tour to find out just what it is that makes Wegraakbosch organic cheese so special. End your tour with lunch and a glass of wine overlooking the mountains.

Did you know?

Cheese first appeared somewhere around 7000 BC, during the Neolithic period.

Wegraakbosch Farm is an eco-friendly farm with a dairy that produces traditional Mutchli, Emmenthaler, Harvati, Tilsiter, Feta and cream cheeses. Stroll around the farm, take a cheese dairy tour and round it all off with a delicious ploughman's platter lunch.

Wegraakbosch is the creation of owners Nipper and Sylvia Thompson, first inspired to create cheese by a dairy they visited in the Wandel Alps on a trip to Switzerland. There they learned the art of organic cheese making and decided to put it into practice in Limpopo's beautiful Magoebaskloof in 1986.

A herd of Swiss brown cows and a few Saanen goats provide the milk for Wegraakbosch Farm's organic cheeses, which are handmade in the traditional Swiss way with live cultures. From cow to curd to cheese, there are no machines involved.

Wegraakbosch Farm is a soul-satisfying spot. The house and dairy are solar-powered. For over 20 years now, no fertilisers or herbicides have been used at all on the farm. Only compost and manure are used in the cultivation of crops and all weeding is done by hand. Or by the pigs that are deployed to trim the fields.

On your dairy tour, you will be taken through the entire cheese production process – from the milking of the cows and goats to the stirring of curds, which is done in a massive copper cauldron. Find out how cheeses are shaped and cooled, and fascinating things like how 'good bacteria' are used to mature the cheese and keep the dairy clean.

You will, of course, get to taste some of Wegraakbosch’s delicious organic cheeses. The dairy has a selection of cheese for sale, and you can relax after your tour with a glass of wine and a wholesome cheese-centric lunch overlooking the breathtaking mountains of the Limpopo province.

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