The Wolkberg Wilderness Mountain Reserve in Limpopo is a day-tripper's delight with plenty to see and do. Also known as the 'cloudy mountains', the Wolkberg Wilderness offers gorgeous picnic spots, rivers, waterfalls and walking trails, as well as rich bird and mammal life.

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At 2 050m, Serala is the Wolkberg's highest peak

The Wolkberg Wilderness Mountain Reserve is a 22 000 hectare playground for all manner of adventurers.

Whether you're into a good hard hike through steep gorges and along ancient cliffs, or just a gentle day picnicking and ambling alongside a rushing river, the Wolkberg Wilderness area is a quiet and beautiful escape.

This Limpopo reserve is much admired by local hikers, climbers, walkers and wanderers, thanks to its variety of trails and diverse habitat. There are marked trails, but you can walk anywhere you want, exploring dramatic gorges and cliffs, thickly forested ravines and wide-open grasslands.

While you're out walking you may well see smaller antelope such as klipspringer, grey rhebok, duiker, bushbuck and mountain reedbuck, as well as monkeys, baboons, elusive otters and the spotted genet.

Birders are in for a treat too – the Wolkberg Wilderness is home to the rare bat hawk, as well as black eagles, crowned eagles, hamerkops, bat hawks, pearl-breasted swallows and more.

The Wolkberg is the last and northermost stand of the majestic Drakensberg mountain range and was proclaimed, in part, because of its many endemic species. Part of its great appeal is its accessibility. The pretty town of Haenertsburg is only 14 km away.

Don't leave home without your swimming costume. The 'cloudy mountains', as the area is also known, boasts many a clear stream, refreshing waterfalls and potholed pools.

The Letaba, Thabina, Letsitele and Mohlapitse Rivers all originate in the Wolkberg Wilderness, a litany of ancient African names whose river courses are guarded by yellowwoods, wild figs, wild beeches and waterberry trees.

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