The Valley of Ancients Tour at the Cango Wildlife Ranch in Oudtshoorn gives you the opportunity to view and interact with a wide range of wildlife, from crocodiles, snakes and hippos to tigers, cheetahs and lemurs. It's a must-visit destination for all wildlife lovers.

Did you know?

Adult Nile crocodiles can weigh more than 700kg and grow up to 6m in length.

Crocodile cage diving, reptile handling and big cat encounters are just a few of the activities you can take part in on the Valley of Ancients Tour at the Cango Wildlife Ranch, which has attracted thousands of visitors to the peaceful Karoo town of Outdshoorn.

On the Valley of Ancients Tour you will discover the ruins of The Great Temple, which was built by an ancient tribe of the region, as well as a plethora of wildlife, including leopards, white lions, pygmy hippos, crocodiles, otters and a variety of birds, such as flamingos, vultures and emus. The first interactive ring-tailed lemur experience in Africa may also be enjoyed here.

The Valley of Ancients Tour also offers cage diving with crocodiles. No diving experience or qualifications are necessary. Divers are secured inside a cage, which is lowered into water filled with Nile crocodiles. As the water is clear, divers get an excellent opportunity to see the way these ancient beasts move underwater, and just what their teeth look like from a few centimetres away.

You can also walk across a suspension bridge and look down at the crocodiles in the water below. A demonstration entitled Jumping Jaws is held daily to show just how far out of the water these four-metre-long crocodiles can jump to catch food.

Discover other wildlife encounters at the Cango Wildlife Ranch. Cheetah and tiger handling is available to people older than 16. Reptile encounters are suitable for anyone older than two, while crocodile cage diving is limited to those older than 12.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Cango Wildlife Ranch
Tel: +27 (0)44 272 5593

Oudtshoorn Tourism
Tel: +27 (0)44 279 2532

How to get here

The Cango Wildlife Ranch is located 3km outside the town of Oudtshoorn, along the R62 in the Western Cape, and is less than an hour's drive from George Airport. From Cape Town, Oudtshoorn is a six-hour journey east along the N1.

Best time to visit

The Cango Wildlife Ranch is open 365 days a year.

Around the area

The world-famous Cango Caves are a short drive from the Cango Wildlife Ranch.

What will it cost

Admission for the Valley of Ancients Tour is approximately R115 for adults and R70 for children aged 4-13. Specialty experiences, such as crocodile cage diving, are priced separately. Please see the Cango Wildlife Ranch website for details.

What to eat

In season, visit Grunt’s Restaurant inside the Valley of Ancients Tour for a variety of wildlife-themed fast food options, or Turtles Restaurant out of season for a range of tasty treats.

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