The Johannesburg Zoo has not only successfully bred some of the world's rarest animals, it has also introduced a range of visitor programmes that keeps locals and vistors enthralled. This zoo in Johannesburg is a must for all wildlife enthusiasts.

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Phila, an orphaned black rhino calf at the zoo, that miraculously survived a poaching attack, is helping to educate the public about the poaching of critically endangered animals.

White lions and Siberian tigers are among the most endangered carnivores on Earth and the Johannesburg Zoo is one of the few places in the world where both have been bred successfully.

But those big and beautiful cats are only one of Jo'burg zoo's many attractions that have made it among the most popular family-friendly destinations in South Africa's largest city.

This vast 54ha expanse of greenery in Johannesburg's northern suburbs is home to more than 2 000 individual animals representing over 360 different species, including all the elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, foxes, hippos, polar bears, crocodiles and antelope you could hope to see.

Wattled cranes and black rhinos are just two species that this zoo in Johannesburg is helping to conserve.

This is a far cry from when the zoo first opened in 1904. At that time the entire collection consisted of one lion, one baboon, one leopard, one giraffe, one sable antelope, a golden eagle and a pair of porcupines.

While the Johannesburg Zoo has always been a popular venue, ongoing additions to their attractions have rocketed its popularity skywards. The zoo underwent extensive redevelopment in 2004 and 2005 and exhibits such as a walk-in aviary, an ape house and a reptile house were added along with new enclosures for the bears, pumas and tigers.

The Johannesburg Zoo makes for a fantastic family outing and youngsters will be particularly thrilled with the variety of tours and educational programmes on offer.

Particularly exciting for children are the night safaris and sleepovers, where groups of children get the opportunity to camp under the stars on the zoo grounds while surrounded by the cacophony of wildlife at night.

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